Frosty Wednesday

I’m not sure exactly how cold it got overnight last night, but when I left the house at 7:15 this morning, it was 32°, and there was frost everywhere! Our grass was almost completely white, as was the roof. And we’ll, so was everyone else’s.

And then the interstate right next to a holding pond was extremely foggy and misty, because of all the cold air! It cleared up just past this, but it was weird not to be able to see as far as usual.

Emmie and her little girlfriend are so sweet when they hug each other in the mornings!

I made chicken salad this morning to take for lunch, so I made myself a sandwich at noon, then read my book.

After work, Emerson and I met my family for dinner at Tijuana Flats. My Mama had ordered our food for us, so it was waiting on the table when we walked in. I had nachos, and Emmie had a cheese quesadilla.

The family left a few minutes before Jeff got there, so they would be at church on time. We didn’t have choir tonight though (we were given a break after last weekend’s Singing Christmas Tree), so Jeff and I decided to take a night off all together. Once he left work, I ordered his meal, and he came as I was finishing up.

Once we got home, we read Emerson’s new Nativity book, and she was being so sweet.

Oh also, we exchanged the puck lights we got on Amazon, for a set that are “warm” instead of “cool,” and I like it so much better now!

Then all of a sudden, Tater Tot got SO much energy, and was just acting so crazy, flopping around on the couch, bouncing around, kicking her legs, and just being silly. We started tickling her and messing with her, and she was just laughing so huge! It was so fun & funny.

She was ready to go to sleep a little early, and by 7:25, I was already back in the kitchen and she was completely sound asleep. We are having a white elephant gift exchange student work tomorrow, and we’re all bringing snacks. I found this recipe on Pinterest, and just doubled it.

Throughout the day, I also started & finished this super short, one-&-a-half-hour, BBC full-cast dramatization. It was pretty neat, and a simple little murder mystery by Agatha Christie.

And then I started my next audio book while I washed up all the dishes from dinner last night (that I was too cold & lazy to deal with), and the bowl from mixing up the dip.

And now it’s time for hot tea and a Christmas movie!

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