New Year’s Eve 2018

So this first photo is actually from last night, but it was too sweet not to share. Ryan just grabbed his game, & snuggled up next to me under my blanket while I was reading.

And first thing this morning, I shared my Top 9 for 2018, and I love it so much! You guys always like family & baby photos the most, and that makes me feel special. Thanks for loving our little family! ❤️ Also, I wrote a giant recap blog post of my faves & stats, link in profile. (P.S. – I find it funny that 2 of my top 9 photos aren’t even about me, but about my pregnant-with-triplets sister instead, haha!)

Ok now moving on to our regular day… Daddy and Emmie started out with some sweet cuddles.

Then I unpacked some of my Christmas presents, like this set of Pioneer Woman kitchen goodies from my MIL!

A few of the items came in handy while making pancakes for breakfast.

Gabe helped me out in the kitchen a little bit, but watching him attempt to flip pancakes (and even butter them!) really bothered my OCD anxiety, haha…

Not too long after breakfast, Jeff and the boys went to see Aquaman with Jeff’s dad, PopPop. And Emmie and I had some fun play time, before she was ready for ber nap n

While she slept, I washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen, then read my book for a while. It’s always nice to have everything clean & shiny, especially when the house is quiet and the candle smells good.

Oh, I also threw stuff in the Crock-Pot for dinner tonight. (And then as I was “plating” all our meals, I realized I forgot to use the crock pot liner, ughhh…)

Emmie slept for about an hour and a half, and woke up ready for lunch. She had the leftovers from Zaxby’s yesterday, and loved the chicken & fries so much.

Wow, y’all see how dramatic this girl can be? Haha

Also, this library book we found is like way cooler than I even realized at first. The alphabet is done using people & places from popular literature, like Jane Austin, Alice in Wonderland, and Huckleberry Finn. Emerson and I are both loving it!

Emmie kept bringing me book, after book, after book, this afternoon… We read all of these below, some of them multiple times.

Then all five of us loaded up to go around town visiting lots of Little Free Libraries. I had a bag full of books to exchange, but we didn’t find that much. I got two books, and we found two books for Emmie, and brought home some of our old books to exchange in the future.

In the middle of our library adventure, we also went to Winthrop park for some play time. And we had so much fun!

This LFL had a Gryffindor guest book, and I loved it.

Before our last LFL stop, we surprised Grammy, Pepaw & Grammy with a visit at their house. We only stayed for about half an hour, but they were very glad to get some unexpected Emmie time!

We had our favorite chicken burrito bowls (and apple juice) for dinner, and everyone cleaned their bowls.

Emmie had fun in the bath tub after dinner, but was very quickly ready for bedtime.

She has a sound machine in her room that we use every night, on a one-hour timer. Tonight however, I turned off the timer, so it would just run all night, in hopes that she will sleep through the fireworks and NYE craziness.

We’re watching random YouTube videos right now, while I write my blog and compile my final one-second-video of the year. We’re going to work on some Legos (we literally all got some for Christmas), and then play some games. We’ll see if we can all make it to midnight, but who knows!?

If you missed it earlier, I shared a giant 2018 recap blog post, so click here.

Excited to welcome a new year tomorrow! Here’s to 2019!

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