Gobble Goodie

I just love this girl first thing in the morning, when she’s so sleepy and she’s got bed head and she’s got that sleepy baby smell. When I pick her up out of her crib every morning, she always lays her head back down on my shoulder for a minute. And I love that so much. It makes me feel like she missed me overnight, and is just so happy to see me again in the morning. But I guarantee she’s not as happy as I am to see her!At school, she was working on putting the dinosaurs in the barn. Ya know, where dinosaurs live.I picked out her outfit today, obviously, but she picked out her shoes! I opened her shoe drawer, showed her the denim ones and she said “nooo.” So then I showed her the pink ones and she said “nooo.” And then showed her the purple ones and she said “mmmm” while nodding & smiling. She is gonna be a serious fashionista someday!And the super excited, eyes closed cheesy face, is because Ms. Q had just walked in and clearly Emmie was thrilled to see her! (We had beat her there again.)I didn’t have anything to bring from home for work today (that I wanted at least), so I planned to go to the Sonny’s food truck at our office. But I walked down there to find there was no food truck today! So instead I called Goodies Eatery and had this delicious turkey sandwich (named the Gobble Goodie) delivered to my office, since I didn’t feel like going out anywhere today.For today’s triplet update, Ellie and Riley had their very first pediatrician appointment this afternoon. Megan and Bo chose to see the same pediatrician that we go to (who is our good friend Abby), and they absolutely loved her today. Both girls are steady gaining weight (Ellie gained 7 oz in 2 days!), and everything is looking great with them! There is a good chance that Kensley will be sent home tomorrow, so we’re all praying really hard for that!EllieRileySharing sister secrets.And the doctor gave them the go ahead to start working on tummy time, so Riley and Ellie started this afternoon. Ellie was a fan and even fell asleep like that for a bit, but Riley not so much.Photos from Emmie’s teachers today…After school snack of Goldfish, in her unicorn chair, while mommy made dinner.She is always so sweet to fold her little hands while we pray. And whenever we have dinner at home like this, she and daddy always laying their heads together for prayer time, and it’s so precious! Plus then at the end of the prayer after we say Amen, she claps and says “yayyy!”My mama got her this new little plate the other day, and we used it for the first time tonight, and it’s a perfect little fit for her tray. She was excited about it and liked eating off of it!Tonight was a bath night, so after we did that we got her in her jammies, gave her her Zarbee’s, and read her books. then when it was time to get settled in, I turned around to layer on my chest, and I asked her to give Mommy a kiss. So she leaned forward and grabbed my cheeks and gave me a long kiss on the lips! She’s just the sweetest little nugget!And the silly little weirdo just loves to see herself in the camera!After dinner time, Jeff left to go help a friend of the family who was recently widowed, pack of all of their computer and technology related stuff, because she’s moving to a condo this weekend. So Jeff went to go just help her out with those kinds of things. Which of course means now that I finished washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, it’s time for me to watch another episode of “This Is Us.” I think I have two episodes left, and then I’ll be caught up and current.

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