Sneaky Donut Snack

This cute girl was snackin’ on (plastic) pizza at school this morning.

This was her face when Ms. Q walked in. (We had gotten there before her again today.)

Then she said “baby,” and walked over to the home living section, and brought back this basket full of babies.

(Please notice the pizza tucked up under her chin.)

And then she tried to hold all three babies at once, like she was practicing for holding her baby cousins!

Leftovers (rice, broccoli, & sloppy joe sans bun) and adult comic book sequel on my lunch break at work today.

Here are the photos we got from her teachers today…

I think this photo of her is funny.

I heard this story when I got to school to pick up Emmie today… Ms. Q had brought back a box of donuts, and was going to eat one in the classroom on lunch break, while the kids were all still napping. But as soon as she opened the box, Emerson rolled over and started eye-balling her like this!

Ms. Q told her she couldn’t have one then, but she could have one later. So when I picked her up, she packed it up in a ziplock for Emmie to take home. I tried to “hold it for her,” but she wouldn’t let me. Then in the car, I again tried to take it, telling her she could have some after dinner, but she wasn’t up for that either. So I let her hold it on the drive.

I don’t know WHY I thought she couldn’t figure it how to open it, because about halfway to the restaurant, I started smelling the donut! I asked her if she was eating it, hut she wouldn’t even answer me! So then of course we get there, and I finally get out to get her, and she’s covered it glaze crumbs, and has eaten half of the donut! But she just looked so proud of herself!

At Red Elephant with the family for dinner, Emmie got to try out a big girl booster seat for the first time! And she did really well with it! (We won’t be switching to this full time yet, she’s too wiggly for that, but she had fun in it for one meal.) And now I realize you can’t hardly even tell, because of the lighting of the photo, but whatevs.

All during the meal, she was mesmerized by the lights & sounds in the arcade next to is. So after we finished eating, we took her in there for a few minutes, and she loved driving this tiny car with Stuart Little!

And guess what?! Riley and Ellie went home today! Kensley had a small set back, and the want to keep her a few more days to monitor, but she should hopefully be home by the weekend. But two of our three beauties got to bust outta the NICU for good! (And side note – isn’t my sister just looking so amazing, less than three weeks after giving birth to triplets?!)

Ellie on the left, Riley on the right.

Riley Lynn.

Ellie Grace.

And Kensley Hope, still snuggled up in the NICU.

It’s the very definition of bittersweet for them to bring two girls home, and feel like they’re leaving one behind. And we all know it’s better for Kensley to stay longer if needed, but it’s still hard! So pray for Kensley the next few days, and for Megan & Bo, with all the crazy logistics of having the girls in two separate places!

It’s just so cute seeing them with their own clothes, hats and blankets (both of which were crocheted by my Grandmother), snuggled up in their own Rock-n-Play’s, in their own living room! I can’t wait to get some more cuddles with these babies, and have Emerson finally meet them soon! (Crossing our fingers it works out for Saturday.)

We had a great night in choir (especially now that most all of our members were back this week), even if my voice was all scratchy and weird from my allergy issues this week.

After church, we were waiting on one of my friends to come drop something off for me, and Emmie was loving the freedom I gave her to just run all over the place! She was also giving out hugs left & right, and even RAN up to hug a lady (in the far background of that first photo below) that I didn’t even know! (And I know a lot of people in our church.) But the lady was super sweet, and was so touched and excited that this bubbly little blonde girl gave her a hug.

She was so super tired by the time we finally made it home, and after getting jammies on, and giving her some Zarbee’s cough meds, she was out in no time flat.

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