Baby After Bath

Today we’ll start out with a few quick stories, and then we’ll get to the photos.

1 – we were listening to the Moana soundtrack in the car this morning on th way to school, and after each song ended, Emerson shouted “More!” So every time I told her, “another one’s coming!” (I’ve heard stories from when I was little, about listening to music in the car with my Granddaddy, and after each song, I would tell him, “Another one’s comin’, Granddaddy!”)

2 – halfway down the hallway at school, when she saw her classroom, Emerson kept repeating “Q, Q, Q” (which sounds more like “2” from her little mouth), over & over again until walked in. But we had beat her there! Ms. Q was out Friday & Monday on vacation, and Emerson really missed her!

3 – Emmie has a funny little cowlick happening this morning, and I loved it!

4 – the big sister of the twins in Emerson’s classroom wanted to read all the little kids a book this morning, so they all gathered around and she read this book to them! It was so sweet! (She wasn’t actually reading, but she does have the entire book completely memorized, and was reciting it perfectly word for word!) And all the littles stood or day quietly, and listened to her read. It was precious!

And Tater Tot was clearly glad her fave teacher Ms. Q was back at school today. Emerson barely even glanced my way when I left, haha!

And then when our school pictures started coming in through our parent app, we also got these two photo Ms. Q had taken of their special reader guest!

Plus here are a few more of my girl at school today.

My sissy sent me this photo of us that came up in her TimeHop today. This was 2008, when she came to my dorm at Flagler (in St. Augustine) for a weekend visit. We look like little babies here (at 20 & 17), but we had the best time that weekend, and many others! (Please notice the Finding Nemo & Pirates of the Caribbean posters we used for decor.)

So there’s been a lot of hype, and even some controversy, surround the book “Educated,” by Tara Westover. It came out in 2018 (I think), and has been everywhere since then. I kinda went back and forth about wanting to read it or not, but finally today decided to put it on hold at the library. And boy was I in for a surprise when I added it, and I was number 110 on the holds list! I took a screenshot of my holds list, but you can barely see it. Look hard if you want, but just know I’m #110. And they even have like 30+ copies of the book!

I stayed in on my lunch break, ate leftovers, and read my library book, but didn’t take any photos. I woke up feeling a little blah today, and I’m pretty positive I’ve just been having a rough time with my allergies lately! But a relatively slow, mostly “normal” day helped me feel better.

We had dinner at home, Emmie stuffed her face eating rice and shredded roast beef. Eventually she told us she was done, but then decided she just wanted Daddy to feed her bites off of his plate instead.

And then she saw me using our salt grinder/shaker, and wanted some. This happens often, so I usually just pretend to salt her tiny plate. But tonight she wanted to hold it herself, and then she wouldn’t give it up!

And here’s a prime example of her worried about her hands being messy, even though she’s still in the middle of eating. This girl is just so crazy sometimes!

After dinner, she picked right back up where she left off last night, playing with her little tea pot set.

And then we moved into the living room for some reading and drawing before bath time.

After bath time, she was being so cute and sweet, and we had just a few more minutes to hang out before bedtime. There’s not much better in the world than a baby fresh from the bath, wearing clean jammies, giving you sweet cuddles and smelling like lavender baby soap. Mmmm I could just eat her up!

Oh, and here’s some exciting triplet news! If all goes well tonight and tomorrow morning, all three girls will be going home tomorrow afternoon!! This was posted on Bo’s Instagram, but I snagged it to share here too. His caption said, “WARNING, If you don’t see these faces out in public any time in the near future, don’t be alarmed. We are not dead. We just brought home triplets. Girls come home tomorrow!”

Jeff has been doing some more of his extra-curricular tech support stuff tonight for one of his former co-workers, so after I read for a little bit, I’m back to catch up on another episode of “This Is Us.”

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