Train Robber

Sweet little baby girl didn’t finish her Pop-Tart & milk appetizer in the car this morning, so she took it in to her classroom for drop-off.

Her (substitute) teacher said something about her cute outfit & shoes, so I mentioned her teeny shorts under the shirt, and Emmie lifted up her shirt to show us! She is so smart!

And so sweet.

My work friend Heather’s birthday was last Friday, but since Tammy was off Friday, we all went out to celebrate at lunch time today. We went to Midtown Caboose, ate yummy sandwiches, and got way too full. My grilled chicken sandwich (it is actually named the Train Robber, and is topped with grilled pineapple and cilantro-lime cream cheese) was so good! Plus, their mac & cheese is always delish.

We only got one photo from school today, but look at this big ole eyes!

Right around 4:45, I got a call from daycare saying that even though Emerson didn’t have a fever, she had been acting a little under the weather this afternoon, and hadn’t really wanted to play or so much. I left work just a few minutes early to beat the heavy 5 o’clock traffic, because it sounded like she was just so pitiful! Leaving work just those few minutes early did wonders though, and we made it home about 20 minutes earlier than usual. Her and I had some quiet, calm coloring and reading time, while waiting for Daddy to get home. She did seem a little more subdued than usual, but only slightly.

Once Jeff got home, he stayed in the living room with her, while I cooked turkey sloppy joes for dinner. She couldn’t wait though, and just had to have some gold fish for a pre-dinner snack.

She ate TONS of the cheddar broccoli pasta, and not much else. But I wasn’t surprised. While Jeff and I finished our meals, we let her get down and just hang out. She got her buggy & her tea set, and had a little tea party for one right behind my dinner chair.

And then she did a little more drawing and coloring in the little notebook Grandmommie gave her. We also did a video call with Ryan and Gave, and she loved seeing her “bubba’s” on the phone.

After a good night, right as it was time for bedtime, she had a bit of a meltdown, and was just super upset and sobbing. Now, 1.5 hours later, I don’t even remember what happened, but she was upset about whatever it was. We got her in her jammies, and gave her a paci, and got her calmed down relatively easily. Jeff read her night-night books, and I got her to take some Zarbee’s cough syrup, since she had a bit of a cough last night, that we wanted to ward off tonight. By the time we finished her books, she was completely done crying and perfectly calm, if not a bit putiful. We gave her lots of loves and kisses, and then she was ready to let Daddy put her to sleep.

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