Girls in Blue Dresses

Yesterday, Emerson ate her one scrambled egg so well, that today I decided to make her two scrambled eggs. And wouldn’t ya know, she ate every single bite! She is eating so much these days, and I just honestly don’t know where she puts it all most of the time.

And then we went to church!

And after church, she was looking so cool in Mama’s sunglasses.

We’re still in that phase where we can’t go out to eat after church, because my girl is way overdue for her usual naptime, and is a bit of a monster. So we always try to find the easiest, fastest option to cook or pick up on Sundays. Today, we picked up one of the new pretzel crust pizzas from Little Caesar’s, and man was that thing so good! Plus we got cheesy bread. Yum. We love pizza in this house.

After lunch, Emerson napped for about two hours, and so did Jeff. I read for a while, and then watched 1.5 episodes of “This Is Us.” I’ve been really far behind, but I think I’m finally catching up. I just watched the graduation episode today.

My baby girl woke up a little after 3pm, and who could have guessed she’d wake up hungry?! (Sarcasm.) At first, I gave her her lunch leftovers, but she didn’t want those, so that’s why she’s making that face and handing me the plate in the photo below…

One of my friends at church today stopped me to tell me how much she liked Emerson’s dress. She asked where it was from (I guessed the One Week Boutique consigment sale, I don’t remember?), and she was saying how much she loved little girls in blue. And I have to agree with her! I typically try to buy anything other than pink (don’t get me wrong, we still have a ton of pink clothes, which is perfectly fine), if that’s an option, and I think her best colors are blue, green & purple. Especially with these bright blue eyes! (Also, todays post title is modeled from “girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,” and now I can’t stop singing it!)

So instead, she ate an entire cup of applesauce, and the other half of the brownie we saved from yesterday.

And then she was very helpful, while daddy started working on installing the new microwave.

He wanted to check everything out first, before we all made a quick trip to Home Depot for a new surge protector to plug the microwave into (the old one did not look safe anymore), plus a few other things. So Little Bit needed an outfit change for running some casual errands.

I’m just dying over these little puffy shorts, and her adorable baby legs! After sending the photos to my family earlier, Mama remembered she had dressed Emerson in this outfit that week she kept her back in October, while we were in our cruise. So she made this little comparison collage, to see how much she’s changed & grown up, and wow! Her little face looks so different!

She had fun running through the giant store, and especially loved getting right up in front of the truck thingy they use to pile up the wood. And all the big, burly Home Depot men were giggling and waving and saying hi to her as she marched up and down the aisles waving to all of them. It was so cute!

When we got home, it was too nice to go inside, so we spent about an hour playing with chalk, and walking all over our big front yard. And there are a ton of front yard photos coming, because it was a beautiful day, and I have a cute kid, and I had a hard time narrowing it down from the 30 photos I took! 🤣

While we played, Daddy worked on finishing up the microwave install. There was more to it than just shoving the new one into the hole in the cabinets, that involved some new wood pieces, some sawing, and his screwdriver, and that’s about all I know. But it’s in there now, and we have a brand new microwave!

After that was all finished, Daddy and Emmie colored and drew, while I made broccoli & chicken Alfredo for dinner!

Daddy put Emerson to bed tonight, while I washed up all the dishes. We have the dining room table windows & the back sliding glass door open (with screens), and it feels so nice! Tryin to soak up the 12 days of spring Florida gives us as much as possible, before the heat is unbearable again. Hope y’all had a lovely Sunday as well!

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