A Good Southern Lady

Sweetest baby girl I know!

She wore the cutest little shorty-shorts with a (6-month size) spaghetti strap tank top, and she was ready for the beautiful, warm spring day we had today! She was also ready to play with some musical instruments.

These next three photos came from her teachers today. And this was the caption on this first one:

This is how Emerson looked at me after she passed gas while I was trying to put her to sleep. 😂 She thought it was so funny and so did I! -Miss Kayla

And Emerson also got to take a little field trip up to the front desk, to hang out with the director, Ms. Renee! Even while Aunt Meggie is not there, all the ladies are taking great, special care of my girl!

And Kensley got to come home today! Now all three of my sweet nieces are at baby girls are home with Mommy & Daddy, and doing so great! They are three weeks old today, happy & healthy & home!

My Grandmother invited our little 3-fam over for dinner tonight, and we had a great time! Grandmommie showed Emmie all the Easter bunny decorations around the house, so Emmie kept repeating “bunny.”

And CAN YOU EVEN with these gigantic, gorgeous, blue eyes?! This girl can have anything she wants with those blue eyes.

My grandmother made us fried cube steak, field peas, mashed potatoes & corn for dinner. Plus biscuits. She fried the meat in a cast iron skillet, and I told her she was a good Southern lady for always cooking in ber cast iron skillet. I said that was a mark of southern charm, and she said she didn’t even know that, which I said made it all the more authentic! And after frying the meat, she of course made a nice gravy in the cast iron skillet too.

And hello yummyness. This was one of my favorite meals of hers growing up, and would always request it for my birthday dinner. (We always had a big family dinner for each person’s birthday, and the birthday person got to request whatever they wanted her to cook, right down to the sides & dessert!)

I told her even though I do have a cast iron skillet, I really never use it at home, and I definitely don’t know how to fry stuff. So clearly I’m not near the good southern lady she is!

Anyways, I had a Slim Fast shake for breakfast & fried cube steak with gravy for dinner. So, balance. Right?!

And my baby girl loved her Grandmommie’s cookin’ as well! She ate two large scoops of mashed potatoes, about six small bites of meat (which is a lot for her, in her current near-vegetarian phase), and almost an entire biscuit. Plus quite a bit of Arnold Palmer to drink.

I do. not. know. where she puts this stuff.

Grandmommie has had this Precious Moments baby doll since I was in elementary school, and she let Emerson play with it tonight. And Emerson really, really loved it. She carried her around for a long time, then kept loving her and patting her back, and telling her “night-night,” and laying her down on the couch, then laying down next to her.

(Please notice Jeff in the backgrounds, snoozin’.)

Grandmommie tickled Emmie’s ear with the baby’s hand…

Then Emerson had to try it out for herself!

We stayed to visit with Grandmommie as long as possible, and pushed Emmie’s bedtime back a bit, since it was a wild Friday night out. We had such a great time tonight, and we couldn’t thank Grandmommie enough for not only inviting us over, but for cooking us such a delicious, home-cooked Southern meal!

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