Spontaneous Friday Night

Get ready y’all, I took a ton of photos today!

Emmie was so sweet and giggly this morning, and Daddy was getting her little sides, and she was just belly laughing so hard!

Then of course she had a half of a Pop-Tart for her breakfast appetizer, and she found out she likes the cherry ones now too!

At school, she went to the kitchen and got busy cooking and washing dishes! She’s already training for the chores she will definitely be assigned someday. Especially if we never actually get a dishwasher in the house!

I had some random things for my lunch today, which consisted of last night’s leftover rice & sauteed green beans, string cheese, & yogurt. But it was good! And I started a new book. And I liked these quotes on the first two pages. The first one is from Dolly Parton (so I listened to some of her music this afternoon), and the second is just perfect since “Fat Bottomed Girls” is one of the Queen I’ve been listening to on repeat this whole week! I got about 80 pages into the book, and it’s cute so far.

And since I finally finished my 3-week-long listen of Inheritance yesterday, I got to start a new audio book today. This one was super popular last year, and had tons of great reviews. Honestly, I’m not totally into it yet, but I’m going to keep going, since I’m only at about 15% now.

Here are the two photos we got from her teachers today…

This baby girl likes to carry her bag to the car, but the thing is as big as she is! So she ends up just dragging it all the way there instead.

And she just walked right up to this guy, and said bye to him like he was an old friend! I was laughing at her so much!

since Jeff worked from home for so long last night working on their server, he was able to get off work early today. So we decided to treat ourselves to Friday night dinner out and about. We went up to Island Wing Compamy, and had a really delicious dinner! I had blackened mahi tacos, and man they were spicy, but so good!

You can’t exactly tell in thes pictures, but this is when we were singing the Baby shark song and she was doing the little Grandma shark motions. It was just so adorable!

I swear Emerson wasn’t mad while we were taking photos, but it was bright and she was squinting, so she ends up looking like this for our family selfie, haha.

After dinner, we went over to my aunt and uncle’s house to surprise them and Grandmommie with a quick visit. we got some doggie loves, and played for a little while, and sat with them while they eat their dinner. And of course Emerson had a few snacks of her own. This girl just does not stop eating these days! And yet she still just the tiniest little thing.

she has always loved to sit on this tiny little stool they have in their house. But tonight she figured out she can pick it up by each side, and carry it around. She took it over to the couch by grandmother, and sat down all that for a few seconds. Then picked it up and carried it back across the room again. She did this another time or two, and then proceeded to just carry it back and forth about five more times, without ever actually sitting down on it. And I was just dying laughing at her! I joked she was starting her very own moving company, but only moving one item over and over!

Then Aunt Suzanne got another little stool, and turned it upside down, and pushed Emerson around the living room in it like a tiny little roller coaster ride. They’ve done this before, but it was roughly four months ago when Emmie was much smaller, but she still fits in the stool and she loved it!

She gave high-fives to everyone as she passed them in the living room, and of course Mommy needed a high five as well!

But of course she needed to push the stool around for a little while herself too.

I love the way she was carrying her little barn on her arm like it was her own tiny pocketbook.

(They’re doing some work on the house across the street, and clearly she was very interested in it.)

We listened to my audiobook on the drive home, but that didn’t stop her from falling asleep in her car seat. I thought it was funny the way she was holding onto her shoe, with all of her barn animals dumped out in her lap.

She was so sweet with her little baby doll tonight while Daddy was reading her books, and didn’t want to put her down when it was finally time to go to sleep. I had to convince her that I was going to put her baby to sleep, while daddy put Emerson to sleep. And then she was okay with it.

All of tonight’s events were unplanned and spontaneous, and it ended up being a really great evening. it was nice not to have to cook dinner for ourselves, and nice to surprise family with a little visit. we’ve got a few things planned for tomorrow, but we should also have some free time to just kind of hang out as well. However there is one thing happening tomorrow that will be a little difficult for our family, so just say a little prayer for an unspoken request we have tonight. And I’m sure I’ll be able to update you tomorrow. (But don’t worry, it doesn’t have anything to do with the triplets. Since I know a lot of you are concerned and interested in them right now!)

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