Tiniest Scrabble Player

Look at the cute, sweet sleepy baby girl first thing this morning! I love morning snuggles.

Not only does she wake up wanting to eat every morning, but now she also asks for her “cuppy” as well. So now she has half a Pop-Tart & milk as an appetizer every morning, and then “real” breakfast once she gets to school as well. (Like oatmeal, biscuits, pancakes, & the such like!)

And then she doesn’t like giving up her cup once we get to school, so she carried it around with her for a while. And then she just thought it was the best thing every when her little friend brought over the dinosaurs from the other side of the room, and even shared one with her!

On the way to school this morning, I finally finished my current audio book! It is the longest book I’ve ever listened to at 31 hours, or read at 849 pages. It took me literally THREE WEEKS to listen to this one, which just felt like forever and a day. (Do ya’ll use that phrase?) It was good though, and that was the last book in the 4-book series, so most things wrapped up pretty nicely.

Today for my lunch break, I got to go up to the hospital to visit Megan and my three beautiful nieces! I only got to hold Ellie, because Megan was feeding Riley, and Kensley was snoozing. But Ellie was so sweet and tiny and precious. And these girls just melt my heart! All three are still gaining weight and doing really well.

Ellie Grace

Kensley Hope

Riley Lynn

Me holding sweet Ellie with her Mommy, and then her Mommy feeding her.

Edited to add the photos her teachers sent from school…


fter work, since it was such a beautiful day outside, Emerson and I played with some chalk while waiting on Daddy to get home. Then once he got home, he stayed outside playing with Emmie, while I cooked dinner inside. We had one of our faves (beef tips & rice), with a “new” veggie. I saw a friend making sauteed green beans on her Instagram story the other day, so we tried it tonight too, and I loved them! (I took a photo on IG, but lost it somehow…) Anyways, just saute in olive oil, with S&P, garlic salt, and I added diced onions. And wow, so good! I loved them!

We read a few books, and played for a little bit (she’s in training to be the tiniest Scrabble player ever), then Tater Tot got a bath before bedtime. But then before bedtime, she needed a snack, so she finished off her can of Pringles that she had started as an appetizer outside with the chalk earlier…

My sweet girl was super sleepy after a busy evening at home with the family, so she was more than ready for bed, and she went to sleep really easily.

I’ve been blogging on the computer in the front room (with a small Gilmore Girls window open in a separate screen), while Jeff does some work from home on his laptop in the living room. Lately, I’ve been blogging from my phone every day, but with the craziness of yesterday, the app is still not quite right. So my blog is fine, but my app is not. So Jeff has to work on that a little bit more tonight, because it’s really difficult to blog from the “internet” on my phone, rather than my app (like I did earlier on my catch-up post from yesterday), so I’m hoping he can get me completely fixed up.

The dishes are washed and the kitchen is clean, and now that this post is finally written (it’s so tricky to add pictures on the website rather than the phone!), I’m going to grab a book and read a little bit before bedtime!

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