Play Date & Playground Party

Emerson woke up at like 6am, as usual, so I got up with her and then snoozed on the couch while she watched a movie. Once I was more awake and ready to function, Emmie and I loaded up to go have a girls’ play date with the triplets!

Mama had made a breakfast casserole, with sausage and orange rolls on the side, and I used my favorite coffee cup of Meg’s, that I actually bought her as a souvenir on a road trip with my friends in 2010.

When Emerson went potty, all the trips had to follow along and watch, and then play pretend on their little potties too.

We needed a mid-morning snack and a Blippi break, when everyone got a little rough playing and everyone crying at some point or another…

All the baby girls had dino nugs and tater tots for lunch, we put the trips down for nap, and then Emmie and I headed on home too.

Emmie went down for her nap at home, but within an hour she was already awake. Jeff and I had barely had time to have lunch and rest for a minute, and then we heard her little feet running down the hall. I ended up falling asleep in the recliner while Emmie and Daddy watched “Pinocchio.” The two of them left to go get our Walmart grocery pick-up order together, and left me to get some more rest – waking up early and then playing with four baby girls really wore me out!

Then late this afternoon, we headed across town to go to the Southwood playground, for a fun 1st birthday party for Hannah, the youngest kid of our church-friends, Greg & Abby. All the kids ran around on the playground together for a long time, we had some pizza and cupcakes, they climbed on the low branches, and we got to actually talk to and chat with some of our friends, in between running around after all these crazy kiddos.

And this is the precious birthday girl! She clearly had lots of fun playing with and in her smash cake. After I took this picture of her, she stared at me, without breaking eye contact, for like 10 minutes. It was so sweet and so funny!

We had a little bit of snuggle time on the couch once we got home, and then started getting Emmie ready for bed. She did well (I think mostly because she was so exhausted after such a busy day) and it was an easy night.

I’m personally exhausted now too (it was a lot of work following Emmie around on the playground for close to two hours!), so I’ll be heading off to bed soon too. Today was a good day, with some good people!

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