Although this will be the last time for Emmie to wear this cute little dress, since it’s getting too short for her now, but she was still super cute in it today!

Last night’s leftovers heated up wonderfully for lunch today. And accompanied by homemade guac & pico de gallo (plus sour cream) from Sunday night, this was a delicious lunch.

So mid-afternoon today, I got a call and an email from Growing Room — a teacher that was in Emerson’s class on Monday tested positive for covid today… So I had to leave work early to go pick her up, and now Emmie is officially in quarantine. Per information provided to the school by the Florida Department of Health, we can quarantine for only seven days, then get tested this weekend, and if we receive negative results, she can return to school on Wednesday. (The other option is to quarantine for 10 days with no test and no symptoms, and return to school the following Monday, which would be 14 days since the initial exposure.)

So, the plan is to quarantine Emmie (with Jeff and I in kind of quasi-quarantine, so we didn’t have direct exposure), and then all three of us will get tests done over the weekend. My boss confirmed that our official office policy is that as long as no one in our house is positive, I can still return to the office, and just keep to myself. (Which is easy, because I have my own private office, as do all of us in my section.) So, I’m taking off Thursday & Friday to keep Emmie at home, and Jeff is taking off Monday & Tuesday to do the same. And then hopefully we’ll be back to “normal” by Wednesday. What a mess…

I cried about it twice early on this afternoon {once telling my boss what was happening and that I had to leave, and again when I called my sister, because the triplets’ class was also closed today & they’re in the same boat. But I’m feeling less overwhelmed now, and very hopeful that all of us will stay healthy and get negative test results.

Oh, but this also means I have decided to postpone our annual Galentine’s Day Tea Party, which made me super sad. This was the first year that the tea party was actually going to be on February 13th, and I was excited for that alone. But now we’re all trying to figure out which date might work for all the ladies again, because I still really wanna host our fifth annual tea party!

So after picking up my girl (who was very excited to see me early, no matter the reason), we went on a little walk together once we got home. And even though it was misting and kinda weird weather, it was so nice to be out in the fresh air. The walk reminded me that we are healthy, and now I just get to spend some extra time with my little one over the next few days! (Also, check that baby bump peeking out!)

She picked up this partially dead flower off the ground, brought it over to show me, and then carried it all the way home with us. I told her it was dead and wouldn’t last too long but she could carry it home to show Daddy. So then she was like, “It’s dead? And then it’ll go to flower heaven?”

I let her play on her Kindle for a little while, and I cuddled up in the chair and read my own Kindle.

We had a fun, chaotic video call with Aunt Meggie and the triplets, and then I made our little Trader Joe’s Chinese food feast for dinner.

We played grocery and doctor and teacher for a while after dinner (I was Dr. White and I had to put a bandaid on her baby’s arm, but I think she’s healed up and all fine now) , and then she wanted to cuddle up on the couch before bedtime.

After we read “Madeline” last night, I mentioned that we could probably watch a movie about it sometime, and so she asked for us to watch it tonight. We had kind of a hard time finding it (or at least a good version for her), but we eventually found it on YouTube, and it was really cute. She was completely rapped for the entire 30 minutes, and was sad when it was over!

We let her finish the whole thing and stay up a little bit late, since we don’t have to go to school and work tomorrow. Bedtime went okay with only minor hoopla, and she was sweet giving all the hugs and loves.

The dishes can wait until tomorrow, since I’ll be home all day, so tonight after a crazy & emotional day, I just need to chill and relax!

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