Planters & Placemats

I love this cute little dress that Grandmommie got Emerson for Christmas. And as Aunt Suzanne pointed out, all the hearts were perfectly fitting for Valentine’s coming up this weekend. (Little Miss Nosy was too busy watching other people walk in behind us in this first photo.)

But look how cute this photo is! (Also, please notice that front tooth is starting to lighten up again, and is wayyy less dark than it was when she first knocked it a few months ago & it turned gray.)

This was the only photo we got from school today, but dang she’s cute! And apparently, she’s been inviting her school friends and their mommy’s to the tea party this weekend. We had talked about how it’s only for girls (like, not Daddy and so forth), and so she thought, well, I’ll invite all the girls then! So she was like, “I told Addison her and her Mommy could come to the tea party since they’re girls.” I had to try to nicely tell her it’s only for the girls in our family, because we couldn’t just invite everyone we know, and she was a little sad about that. So apparently one day, we’re gonna have to host a tea party for her own tiny friends!

I was absolutely exhausted (and overwhelmed from a busy work day), so while Emmie played on her Kindle, I literally took a 15-minute nap in our bed before starting on dinner. But once the frozen burritos were in the oven and the yellow rice was simmering on the stove, Jeff and I worked on hanging the macramé planters he got me for my birthday. Well, he worked on hanging them, and I just told them where I wanted them to be hung, while sitting in the chair across the room, resting 🙂

And I love how they turned out! I’m really proud of this little corner of the dining room now. Especially considering how messy & cluttered it was just a few weeks ago, and had been like that for yearrrs… (Embarrassing, yes.) So now, let’s just hope I can keep these tiny succulent plant babies alive, along with the rest of my growing house-plant collection!

So we had the frozen beef & bean burritos, and I made some fresh yellow rice, plus heated up leftover black beans from Sunday, and used the homemade pico de gallo & guacamole for our toppings, and it was so easy and so yummy. (Walmart has been out of stock of our favorite chicken taquitos for forever now, so I tried these burritos as a substitute, and Jeff and I both really liked them. Emmie said she’d like to just stick to taquitos though.)

Oh, and I busted our my new Pioneer Woman placemats Meggie got me for my birthday!

I was trying to vacuum after dinner (before Emmie went to sleep, so it wouldn’t bother her), but it wasn’t working very well. So I told Jeff and he came to take a look at it, and it was clogged up big time. There was a whole piece of junk mail (like a small flier kind of thing) stuck in there, twisted up in hair and strings. So once he got that out, and then cleaned out the rollers, it was working like a charm! So then we put the finishing tidy-touches in the living room, while Emmie tried on Daddy’s fleece Columbia vest in the background 😉

We also finished clearing up the last of the random mess in the dining room, and I put out this cute little wicker tray Jeff got me from IKEA a few weeks ago, and everything is just looking so, so nice! I’m very proud of all the hard work and cleaning we’ve done lately, but also the little projects we’ve been doing too. (The stuff on the record player looks messy still and obviously doesn’t belong there, but it’s just waiting for me to set the tables {yes, two tables} for the tea party, which I’ll probably start doing Thursday.) But now we need to decide on / find something to hang on the wall above the games shelf. And then this room is almost done, finally! For now…

We headed back to get Emmie ready for bed, and she thought this was the funniest thing, when her dress got kind of “stuck” on her head. She was like, “This is like when we do the towel on my hair after bath!”


We read Madeline for her bedtime story, but she was like, “Well what happened after she went in the ambulance?” I told her the doctor’s had to do surgery to fix her tummy, and she had her appendix taken out.” But Emerson was like, “But I wanted to see what they did to her, but they didn’t show us that part.” I just laughed about it, but she is just so smart and curious, especially after her own surgery I think.

Jeff volunteered to wash tonight’s dishes, and I had put away all the leftovers earlier, so I’m gonna light a candle and sit down to rest a bit, and then head to bed early!

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