Strawberry Surprise

We finally made it back to school today! Her classroom closed last week when a teacher who had been in her room tested positive for covid, so she spent a week at home in quarantine. All of us tested negative over the weekend, so her and friends returned back to school today. She was actually really excited to go back, and ran inside to give Ms. Renee (the director) a hug and barely looked back and definitely didn’t cry. I was so proud of her!

She was of course very bundled up, in the 30-degree weather, and chose to wear her mask, although I’m sure it barely lasted three minutes 😉

And although we didn’t get to see these baby girls this morning, Meggie sent us this photo, and I just loved it so much I had to include it today. Look at how adorable!

Megan is still working from home, but had to go into her office downtown (just a couple blocks from me) today to take care of some stuff. She stopped by Starbucks to get herself a coffee on the way, and then she called me and told me to come downstairs for a delivery, and showed up with this drink for me too! A strawberry lemonade acai refresher, which was delicious, and indeed refreshing. Such a sweet surprise!

And it was simply beautiful!

And when I showed up at work this morning, one of my coworkers had taped up this on my door, and I loved it!

I used last night’s leftovers to make a huge and super yummy taco salad for my lunch today, and ate all but like, three bites of it. There’s chips on the bottom you can’t see, plus lettuce, meat, cheese, pico, sour cream, avocado, yellow rice & black beans, and it was sooo good. It looked way less yummy once all mixed together… And I read a good bit of the new book I started yesterday.

Emmie said that there were less kids than normal in her class today, so I assume there were some of her friends that either didn’t test to return today, or just specifically waited to return next Monday. But she told me about making these construction paper teeth, and that they practiced brushing. But I said, you’re already so good at that! And she was just like, “Yeah, I am.”

When we got home, I told her I wanted to just sit and have a minute of quiet time before I started cooking dinner, and she agreed. So she grabbed her Kindle, and we decided to sit in our comfy “reading room” chairs together, and watch as the sun set and started beaming sun through the windows again today.

And then, I made waffles for dinner! I made regular-sized ones for Jeff and I, and broke out the teensy waffle maker to make a mini-sized one for Emerson. I microwaved some sausage patties, and cut up some strawberries, and we had a delicious dinner!

We had a little bit of a rough time before bath time (she was just freaking out over every little thing and wouldn’t get in the bath), but we did get her in eventually, and got her all cleaned up. She was sweet and happy and smiling afterwards, and enjoyed picking out her own jammies and putting on her little hair turban.

Bedtime was slightly rough then too, as she kept calling for us to come back in, making up random reasons she needed us again, like, she heard us stomping, her bandaid was tickling her, her blanket had come off… After about the fourth time, she finally settled down and drifted off to sleep. Jeff washed up the dishes for me tonight while I’ve been blogging, so now I get to just plop my pregnant behind down on the couch and take it easy!

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