Taco Craving

Since Emmie’s class was closed last week right before Valentine’s day, they missed out on their party last Friday. So they rescheduled it for today, so they could exchange little gifts. So she wore this cute little heart dress, which was perfect for the day!

Last night’s waffle & strawberries still made for a delicious lunch at work today. Especially with some of my favorite hazelnut spread on top 😉


This is one of Emmie’s best-friend-twins, Andrew, and they appear to have been on a little arts & crafts date today, at their own little table. So cute! (The lighting was weird though, because both of these little blondies appear to have much darker hair than usual in this pic.)

And this little girl was so excited to bring home her bag full of Valentine’s treats this afternoon – and she of course had to have her gummies and a tractor for the ride home.

Jeff had dinner plans with a friend of his to discuss some IT work he’s going to do with him. They went to Pancho’s, one of my favorite Mexican places for tacos, so then I was craving tacos too. So I decided to get take-out tacos from one of my other favorite places, and go home with Emmie. She simply requested a PB&J, so we had a very chill, relaxed dinner around the coffee table once we got home.

I also had some of these interesting sweet potato chipotle chips with my tacos. I guess these are healthier than regular chips? Either way, they were actually pretty tasty.

This goofball doctored me for all sorts of maladies and injuries, with this “nurse hat” to keep the germs away. And I just got to lay back on the couch and be “taken care of.”

Once Daddy got home, she had to doctor his eyes, so she put on her own glasses to help her see better…

And then she had fun going through everything in her little Valentine’s bag, showing us all the things and talking about each little friend that gave her the things. It was really sweet actually.

She needed a Nutri-grain bar for her bedtime snack, but it was a little smushed and super crumbly. So she went back and forth between checking out the book Daddy was reading, and taking bites from my hand.

Once we finished the books and prayers and lullabies, she had a downright fit out of nowhere, and just freaked out on us. It took some time to settle her down and get her ready for sleep, but I believe all is well now and she’s sleeping soundly.

I’ve been listening to the entire Harry Potter series on audiobook over the last few months, and am currently over halfway through the final book. So last night, we started the movie for HP7 part 1, so we’ll watch a little bit more of that before heading off to bed.

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