At-Home Valentime’s Spa Day

We went pretty low-key this year for “Valentime’s” Day (yes, that’s how Emerson pronounces it), partly because we were just at home, and partly because we wanted to… And so we just got Emmie the towel turbans I knew she’d love, and Jeff got Emmie and I both a heart-shaped box of chocolates. And I didn’t even remember to get anything for him, oopsies.

SheΒ insisted on a McGriddle again this morning (even though I tried to offer her things at home like cereal, eggs, or a bagel), so Daddy went out to get it for her, before he headed off to church. We decided he would go by himself, and “out of an abundance of caution” we’d keep Emmie home, just to be considerate, since she was the one that was actually exposed to the teacher with covid last week. But her and I had a great morning at home alone together!

We colored, and played kitchen, and babies, and school, and did stickers while listening to little kid Sunday school songs and she sang along.

I also took the time to do some serious clean-up and organization around her room. We had soooo many loose-leaf stickers that I needed to figure out a better way to contain. So I looked around the house and found this empty cigar box, and that worked perfectly. (We don’t smoke cigars, or anything for that matter, but I had a random one when I was kid, and loved the way the wooden box smelled, so one time a few years back, we went into a liquor store and asked for their empty ones, and now I have them scattered about as decor, and I really like them. We even used them as little ring-bearer boxes in our wedding!)

She had a lunchable and watched Madeline, and then Daddy got home from church (bearing Taco Bell for us), and we put her down for a nap. Jeff and I both napped while she slept, but it wasn’t nearly long enough for my liking.

When reading this Dora book before naptime, it said to hold you hands out like you’re holding a rope, so she reached out and held onto her bed like this.

Oh, and Jeff also brought home this belated birthday gift from my Mama, that she forgot to give me a few weeks ago, and only remembered yesterday. And I love it! This “coffee cup” is more like a small bowl (maybe perfect for ice cream or cereal!?), but it’s so great.

I kept resting for a bit on the couch after Emmie woke up, and let her entertain herself on her Kindle.

And then we spent the afternoon having ourselves a little at-home Valentime’s spa day! We made a DIY avocado mask with honey and olive oil, and smeared it all over our faces. It was cold and felt so funny, and she was laughing so much the whole time.

(Please forgive Jeff’s heavy mouth-breathing – my phone picks up far too much audio while recording video πŸ˜‰ )



She then luxuriated in a bubble bath for a while….


And we twisted up her wet hair in her new unicorn hair turban. (Thanks again for finding and sending me the link for these, Connie!)

And once clean, she had a little mani/pedi by her own personal nail technician.

We ordered take-out sushi for our special at-home Valentine’s dinner date, so while Jeff went to pick it up, I set the table and picked out our record, and Emmie and I read a few books together.

Mmmmm and this was SO good. We got the BOGO deal, so this is two special rolls (far left & far right) and two of the lesser rolls (both in the center container). And we could not finish all of this. We ate all of the fancy ones, and saved most of the two smaller ones for Jeff to have for lunch tomorrow. And Emmie chose to have some cheese pizza πŸ˜‰

We hung out playing ukes and singing songs after dinner, and reading a few more books together.

Bedtime went a little rough (she decided at the last second that she was still hungry and then threw a fit out of nowhere), but we did eventually get her to calm down and settle in for sleep.

A few months back, we picked up this frozen cheesecake from Trader Joe’s on a whim, and we finally decided to bust it out for our dessert tonight. It’s been defrosting on the counter for a while now, and my dinner has had enough time to settle, so I think we’re going to cut us each a slice, and play a card game together, for a little “micro-date” at home, now that the crazy Tater Tot is sleeping soundly!

Today was a great day, and I actually very much enjoyed just staying home all day. I showered first thing this morning, but then put clean jammies back on, and so I stayed in my comfy house-clothes all day long, and it was so nice. This was definitely the most chill Valentine’s Day we’ve had during our whole time together, but I still loved it!

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