Car Trouble

After a rough week of sickness last week, we were so glad everyone was healthy, and we were ready to get both girls back in school today! Addie refused to look at me, but they’re still cute.

Emmie’s outfit was too big though (the shorts were literally falling off her tiny self), so she had to run back inside to change clothes, before her and Daddy left for school.

Addison had a good day back at school, and looks like she had lots of fun with her friends.

I got the girls after work and school, and headed on home. Then about 30 seconds from the house, a weird light came on in the dash of my car. So I had Jeff take a look at it before turning it off, and then he pretty much ran back out right away to head to Auto Zone. So I got dinner ready and the girls and I ate while he was out.  He got home right as we were finishing, so I fixed his plate, and Addie decided to stay and eat some more with him.

He said the light on the dash was something about the alternator… But I don’t know anything more than that. The slight problem though is, he’s going out of town tomorrow for his annual work conference, so he has no time to fix anything tonight for me. So instead, he spent some time getting both of the girls’ car seats into his car and switched to their appropriate sides (Emmie¬†must be on the passenger side per Gilchrist’s rules), and got everything ready for me to drive his car for the week. I really don’t like driving his car, but it’s a better option than anything happening in my car while he’s out of town…

While he was doing all of that, I was cleaning up the kitchen, bathing the girls, getting them dried and dressed, and ready for bed. We watched a little tv together, and then Emmie laid down on the couch to rest, while I rocked Addie. But baby sister felt the need to go climb all over big sister, before I finally got them both settled.

It took a little while, but I did eventually get them both to sleep, although Emerson was definitely the easiest (as she just fell asleep on her own on the couch), and Addison was being such a goofball, fighting sleep, and playing around and also being so sweet and loving.

Jeff got a shower and got cleaned up after all of his hoopla earlier, and he’s ready to settle down and rest now. Once I finish this post, and this episode of “This Is Us,” we’ll hang out a little bit together. We actually finished watching “Wakanda Forever” last night (which we started a couple nights ago), so tonight we’ll watch our YouTube vlogs we follow every week.


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