Kitchen Experiment

After a nice three-day weekend, we were actually up & at ’em ready to get back to the routine this morning.

Both girls look super cute this morning, but for some reason, Addison looks a little bigger than usual all of a sudden…

Loved seeing our cute trippies when we met up for carpool at daycare this morning.

Nana sent us home with leftover chicken noodle soup last night, and my friend Heather brought me a homemade chocolate fudge brownie to work this morning. I was also able to make it through another 40-ish pages during my lunch hour, but on page 170, I’m still only 27% through this giant book.

So before we left for our camping trip last Friday, I peeled and chopped and sliced and prepped onions, carrots, celery & potatoes, and portioned into plastic baggies. Then I took also took a package of frozen ground pork, and a  few seasonings, and planned to make a one-pot situation in our giant cast iron over the fire. But then we couldn’t make a bonfire because of the fire-ban, and then it was raining and we didn’t wanna cook on our camp stove in the rain anyways.

So we saved it all, and I made it for dinner tonight. I also ended up adding a Lipton mushroom onion seasoning mix, with some water, to make a little bit of a gravy situation, and this random made-up dish turned out so savory, and rich, and yummy! It was kinda like the inside of a meat pie or something, just so good and flavorful. This was probably the yummiest dinner experiment I’ve ever tried, and all four of us loved it.

Addison actually ate seconds of her dinner, and Emerson just ate extremely slow, because she kept getting distracted watching “Tangled” on tv. So by the time we finished eating (there were zero leftovers, by the way), it was time to watch one “Bluey” and then get started on sleepy-time. Addie curled up with Daddy, while he iced his face because he had a sinus headache tonight, and I took Emmie to do our usual routine.

I’ve got some dishes I need to go take care of, and then settle down and relax for the night.

Oh, and I finally did my little monthly book round-up for October earlier tonight. It was a really great month of reading, with FIVE 5-star reads (including a re-read of an all-time favorite, The Thirteenth Tale), but also a 2-star read, which was the lowest of the year so far.

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