A Lot Like Christmas

It was so cold and rainy and yucky this morning. I went early at 8am for praise team, but Jeff and the girls were close behind me, because he was on the GC kids sound booth, and had to be there at 8:30. I was tickled and surprised to see Addie in her fancy coat and slippers, but hey, she’s still super cute.

The elementary kids “flew” with their “passports” to Sri Lanka today as a part of Missions month, and got to learn fun things about our missionary there. Part of that was having some sticky coconut rice squares and mango juice during kids church. There was some leftovers, and Addie and I wanted to try, so Uncle Bo gave us a couple after church. So when I asked Addie to cheese for the pictures, she said, “I can’t! I eating!”

We went to El Rincon Latino for lunch today, which is one of our favorite places in the cite, but definitely on our side of town. Today we ordered a couple of empanadas for appetizers to share, and the I ordered a beef arepa for for my lunch, and everything was so good, as always.

Emerson actually had 4 of those little rice squares in church, and “wasn’t hungry” for lunch. But then she ended up over by Daddy, stole my fork, and was sharing his plate with him.

After lunch, we got the Christmas decorations down out of the top of Addison’s closet before nap time. And then both girls took a nap, and I even fell asleep in the recliner for a bit. Once I woke up, Jeff and I put the Christmas tree together, and then both girls woke up right after we got it fluffed up.

We can’t find a (inexpensive) 20×20 frame for Emmie’s unicorn puzzle we glued yesterday, so we’re gonna kinda DIY a way to hang it in her room. We needed a few supplies from Home Depot for that project, so we ran there really quickly with the girls, and then picked up our Walmart grocery order before heading back home.

And then when we got back home, it was time to decorate the Christmas tree! We put on one of my Granddaddy’s old Perry Como Christmas records, on my Grandparents’ vintage 1970’s record player that I inherited, and had a great time putting all the ornaments on the tree. We even found some festive headbands in the decor tubs, so of course we had to wear those while we worked.

We took a little break about halfway through, to eat some pizza for dinner and watch a little bit of “Elf.” But then it was back to the record and the tree to finish everything up.

We didn’t actually make it to putting out any of the other decor, but we’ll work on it throughout the week, and get it up little by little. I’m just so glad we got the tree done tonight!

After getting all the decor mess tidied up a little bit, the girls got their jammies on, went potty, grabbed a snack, and then we settled in for an episode or two of Bluey. Both actually needed extra loves and cuddle time tonight, so Jeff is actually still holding Addie, and Emmie is asleep on the couch now while I write this post. In a few minutes, I’ll go see if either or both girls are ready to finally go to their own beds.



And then I really need to make some progress in “Iron Flame!” I meant to try to read a lot more on our 5-day holiday, but since I was with my kids almost every minute of those 5 days, it doesn’t really leave a lot of quiet reading time… So I’m gonna get all cuddled up in a super warm blankie and read in here by the Christmas tree.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Night, friends!

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