Bonfire & Fireworks

Delicious orange rolls for breakfast this morning. Now that the girls are getting bigger and eating more, I have to make two cans to feed all of us. (As of 10pm tonight, there are only two of these left…)

Then we just kinda chilled around the house this morning, but also continued doing chores and mainly laundry and putting away and hanging up all the clean clothes. This was a rest moment, where Addie was laying on the coffee table, eating goldfish, and watching Luca. (It’s her favorite movie, and she’s obsessed, and we watch at least a little bit of it probably every single day.)

Then they were getting restless and needed to get their wiggles out. So we put the 1989 vinyl record on, and we shook it off for about 20 minutes. I heated up some lunch for the girls, and they watched some tv while they ate.

I got both girls down for their nap after their lunch. Jeff was actually over at his dad’s church helping with some tech stuff, so I found some random pierogi’s in the freezer, sauteed them up, and made a little sour cream dill dip, with a side of pickles. Anyone else do random nonsense like this for meals sometimes? I guess this is like that “girl dinner” trend on TikTok, maybe? Anyways, I also finished “Gilmore Girls: A year in the Life” while eating, and then got back to doing some more chores.

When the girls woke up, Emmie and I had a few minutes to play mancala together, and Jeff got Addie dressed in some “real” clothes finally, and then we went out to birthday party for one of Emmie’s school friends.

The school friend had an amazing backyard, with an awesome swing set, trampoline, bounce house, little train rolly thing, a huge area to run around in, and a bonfire. We actually didn’t plan to stay as long as we did, but the parents were super nice and Emmie was having so much fun, and we couldn’t leave before cake and fireworks!

Oh also, Emerson lost another tooth today! That bad boy had been hanging on by a thread for a few days, and we even tried to pull it last night, but it wouldn’t come. Then today, she ran into the Circle K with Jeff to get a drink, and she came out shouting she lost the tooth! Apparently, she took a big straw-slurp of her blue icee (which is why the rest of her teeth are kinda blue), and it just fell right out! So now, she legit needs her two front teeth for Christmas 😉



We really did have a great time at the party, and the girls would have just run around wild in the dark for another few hours if we would have let them! We rushed through bath time once we got home, and put the girls in some fresh jammies, then cuddled and got them both to sleep.

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