Melted Plastic

Wow, it was so rough to get out of bed today. I was so tired, but also so warm & cozy in bed! The girls were both wearing super soft new penguin sweaters from Nana today. But Addie Pie wasn’t in the mood for pictures.

I didn’t actually have any food at home to pack for lunch today. But luckily, we have food trucks at my office pretty much every day. Today, I tried this one, that I’d never even heard of before, Stick A Fork In It. I ordered the sausage dog with the street corn for my side. But they accidentally gave me fries in the box, then when I asked about it, she told me to just keep the fries and they gave me the corn too. So I ended up with all this food, for only $13, including tip, and those were legit some of the best fries ever.

I also finally finished “Iron Flame” today. I ended up reading for about two hours last night (stayed up way too late, until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore), and then for another hour at lunch today. And wow it was so good.  I also really loved my dual audio-&-hard-cover reading experience; really brought it to life hearing it while I read it. There were so many twists and turns in the last 25% of the book, and I didn’t see any of them coming, which I always love being surprised by those big reveals. It’s gonna be a long time until the next one comes out!

Pictures of Addie and her little friends at school today…

So, Taylor Swift announced today that her concert film is going to be available to rent starting on her birthday, December 13th. I’m really excited for the chance to watch it again, and even let Emmie watch it with me, but dangit, I wish it was just put on a streaming service for free! (I mean, “relatively” for free, since we already pay for the streaming service.) We’ve already given this woman so much money this past year! But of course, I’m sure I’m still gonna rent it at some point, for $19.89 supposedly…

After picking up the girls from school, I got busy making dinner for the first time in a week. Jeff wasn’t home yet, and things were chaotic, especially with a “free-range” two-year-old who was into everything. Soooo…. I accidentally turned on the wrong burner, and melted a Bluey water bottle that was on the stove top. :/ So now we gotta throw that away, and figure out how to scrape the plastic off the ceramic stove top. Whoopsies.

But my blue cheese chicken burgers still came out perfectly, despite the melted plastic. This is actually a Weight Watchers recipe my boss shared with me years ago, that we loved so much, I’ve kept making it through the years. I’ve adapted it and added my own stuff sometimes, and made substitutions based on what I already had on hand, and they come out perfect just about every time.

Addie had just the sides and “bread lettuce” and Emmie had her Chicken Salad Chick leftovers from her lunch with Grammy and Papa, plus the rice & green beans. And that means luckily, there are still two chicken burgers left for me and Jeff to take for lunch tomorrow.

Emmie actually hurt her ankle a little bit tonight right before dinner (doing gymnastics in the living room & kicked the table), but we elevated it, and iced it, and she stretched it, and walked it off, and she was fine after that. And she was perfectly fine by the time she went to bed. Once again, both girls needed extra loves and cuddles before we could get them into their beds, so it’s already 10pm by the time I’m finishing this up tonight. I need to go cuddle under a blankie myself, warm up & just chill a little before bed.

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