13 Tomatoes

Little Baby Sassy Pants didn’t want her sister to stand by her for pictures, and then she told me (again today), that she couldn’t “cheese” because she was eating. So that’s what that first face is about 😉 Also, the Christmas tree lights just don’t show up in pictures sometimes (I’m not technological enough to understand Jeff’s explanation), but it drives me crazy!

But then I finally got them together for sister pics out on the front steps before we loaded up in the car.

And then I got to see my trippies at daycare, but Little Sassy Addie didn’t wanna take a picture with them.

Look how cute Emmie was, holding hands with Daddy at car line drop-off time. So sweet.

A coworker brought in two giant paper boxes full of tomatoes today, and there were sooo many. And so I decided to grab a bunch, because I wanna try my hand at making homemade salsa! Or maybe homemade marinara? Haven’t totally decided yet, but they’re so pretty, and I couldn’t resist them.

Today was my day to get off work early to take Emerson to gymnastics. And we had about 20 extra minutes to kill, and I had $7 left on my Starbucks app (from when I accidentally loaded it with $25 a few months ago), so I got a Caramel Brûlée latte from their holiday drinks menu, and it was delicious.

Emmie did great at gymnastics, and it was nice to get to see her myself, since I don’t get to go often. We picked up Addie pie afterwards, and got home 45 minutes earlier than a normal day.

I had already planned to make Japanese curry chicken tonight, but I usually do it in the Dutch oven on the stove. But I decided to try it out in the Instant Pot instead, since that actually takes longer, since it takes a while to come up to pressure. But it was so super easy, since after you get everything chopped & in the pot, you just set it and forget it, and don’t have to babysit it, and it all comes out so soft and perfectly cooked. And while that cooked away all on it’s own, I washed up dishes from the last few days, since I didn’t wash last night.

We didn’t really do much after dinner time tonight, just kinda hung out and played a little and watched “Boss Baby,” which is our current movie we’re working through. I got everything cleaned up in the kitchen, and got the Instant Pot pot in the sink to soak for a while, and then got the girls in their jammies.

Emmie was really easy to get to bed, but Addie was in a wandering mood, and stayed up a little later. Jeff has been rocking her for a bit now, so hopefully she’s ready to lay down in her bed now.

While the girls were watching their episode of Bluey earlier, I got this new Christmas puzzle my Mama gave me the other day dumped out on my puzzle table, and started sorting and turning over pieces.

Didn’t make it very far yet though, so I’m gonna work on that a little bit, and then paint my nails. Feeling productive tonight, apparently!

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