Citrus & Vitamin C

The four “littlest” cuties at daycare all this morning.

And the biggest cutie on her way to school with Daddy.

This is the lunch & afternoon snack of a woman trying to kick this cold to the curb. Not pictured, the Mucinex & Claritin.

PopPop brought Emerson up to my office after gymnastics, at the exact time Megan was walking over from her building for our carpool. So Meg got Em from Dave just a minute or so before I walked out the door, and then all three of us headed to the car together.

This picture would have been really cute, if it wouldn’t have been blurry, but you can still see how happy Addison was to have Uncle Bo carrying her around after school.

Made another great meal out of stuff we already had at home – threw frozen chicken in the crock pot with two half-used teriyaki sauce bottles and some sliced onion this morning before work. Then tonight I made rice, and some microwave veggies, and ta-da, it was delicious.

My head is hurting way less today than it was yesterday, but I’m still very congested and just a bit tired and blah. Gonna make sure to get more rest tonight, and continue my retinue of things trying to get myself well…

So I’ll leave you with the one-second-everyday mashup for October, just two weeks late.


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