Lunch Delivery

These silly trippies and their silly faces were showing of their “Letter N” bags before heading into school.

And little Addie Pie just wasn’t in the mood for photos today.

But Emmie-cille gave us a sweet little smile and wave!

So Meg’s been carpooling with me lately, but today she dropped me off at my own office, in my own car, because I let her take the car today for an appointment she had. Then she called me after her appointment asking if I wanted Cava for lunch, her treat! So I texted her my order, and she delivered right to my office, in my own car 😁 And of course it was so super delicious. 

I know all you can see is mainly the sauces on top, but underneath there’s rice, and spicy lamb meatballs, and tons of veggies. Sooo good. Cava is actually one of my favorite places, and a brand new second location just opened like 2 minutes from our house, so I might find myself there again this weekend… Jeff has never been, and he might like to try it!

Look at this cute little hand-print turkey girl at school today.

Beautiful sunset tonight when we got home. As we came down the hill to our house, Emerson literally said, “Whoa, the sky is crazy! What is God doing tonight!?” I loved that so much. So we had to go out in the driveway to check it out. (The picture is a little streaky, because it’s a panoramic, and it didn’t work out quite right.)

Tonight was night #4 of random scrounging for dinner since I didn’t order groceries for the week. We all had different things – Chef Boyardee for Addie which she ate more than half the can, Spiderman chicken noodle soup for Emmie which she ate the whole can, Jeff had peanut butter & syrup with toast (a random snack/meal he’s been eating his whole life), and I made myself grilled cheese on hot dog buns with tomato soup. Feeling accomplished for feeding all of us all week without a specific meal plan and specific groceries, and glad to have used up a good bit of stockpiled things.

Oh and then after the soup, Emerson ate a whole PB&J as well. And then Addie ate a whole piece of bread too. Apparently these little girls were just very hungry. I always feel a little weird when I don’t cook an actual meal, but the girls eat better on these random nights most of the times anyways, so why worry?!

Look at this precious little cutie just casually reading her Bible at bedtime tonight. When I told her it was time to put it away and go to bed, she was like, “Mommy, can I read my Bible again tomorrow night, too?”

Tomorrow is a major chore day around the house, playing catch up from not doing anything while we were out of town camping last weekend. So tonight, I’m not doing anything, and I’ll probably fall asleep soon.

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