Spring Rolls & Tom Kha

This morning, my cold finally caught up with me, and I was totally and completely exhausted. I could barely wake up around 8am, and then when I moved to the couch, I kept falling asleep while the girls played. Luckily, Jeff took care of the girls and picked up our groceries, and let me rest, and then I was finally ready to get up and moving around 11am. And surprise, I’m back on my roasted garlic and tomato toast bit again.

Jeff made lunch for the girls, and then got Addison down for nap time. I made the tomato toast for my lunch, and then washed up a giant load of dishes I let pile up over the last few days. Jeff and Emmie cleaned the living room, and then once Addie woke up, he took them for a little walk/bike/scooter ride down the street for a little while.

So at GC, November is Missions Month, and each kid could sign up for a specific country. We signed up for Thailand, and have been praying specifically for a GC missionary named Cara for the month. So tonight, we treated ourselves to a fancy Thai dinner out at a nice restaurant, in honor of Cara the missionary in Thailand. We’ve been to a few around town before, but this was our first time at Reangthai, and it was so amazing.

Emerson saw Bubble Tea on the menu, and of course wanted to have one, so we allowed her to order the special treat for herself.

We ordered spring rolls and crab rangoon for appetizers. I tried the Tom Kha soup, which honestly wasn’t my favorite, but I’ve wanted to try it for a while, so it was worth testing out.

Then I go the mango curry special (spice level 2 of 5), Jeff ordered Mongolian beef, and Emerson picked out Sweet & Sour chicken. All three entrees were absolutely amazing, no complaints whatsoever. Jeff ate literally every single bite of his, but I just picked out all the chicken & mango from mine, and went easy on the veggies, only because it was so much and I knew I couldn’t eat it all.

The waitress saw me taking pictures of the food, and she offered to take our family picture as well. Turned out pretty cute!

Emerson ate really well, but obviously she couldn’t finish the giant adult-sized portion, so we brought home plenty of leftovers from her meal. We had wanted to try out some dessert, but we were too stuffed (and had honestly spent too much money already), so we called it quits.

We were actually given the email address of Cara the missionary in Thailand, and sent her an email a couple of weeks ago, asking questions and letting her know we were praying for her. She never answered unfortunately, but we had fun making a big deal out of our fancy dinner at the Thai restaurant.

It was bath time as soon as we got home, followed by our nightly routine of Bluey, cuddles, prayers and lullabies. I never re-painted my fingernails the other day like I planned, so I’m gonna do that now, while we watch one of our favorite travel YouTube couples.

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