Where You Lead

Look at these four little cutie pies!

And this adorable patriotic girlie, ready for the Gilchrist Veteran’s Day parade!

The sky looked so incredible for the whole hour from 5-6pm, while we drove from work to school to home, I just couldn’t stop taking pictures and videos and exclaiming to Emerson again, “Wow look at the sky now!”



I didn’t take any more pics once we got home, it’s just dark and blah and the girls were a little cranky, and we just ate chicken nuggets, rice and broccoli at the coffee table. The girls are both asleep now, and I’ve got some dishes to wash, and then we’ve got ourselves a nice 3-day weekend!

We’re actually going camping this weekend at a state park. We’ll get everything packed up tomorrow during the day, and then hit the road late afternoon. So I won’t be blogging for a few days, but I’ll be excited to share our trip when we get back!

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