Beans & Rice

Addie was a little tired and grumpy at home this morning, but happy by the time we got to school. So we did separate pictures this morning. And this little girl was feeling silly, goofy with that tongue out in the second picture.

Emerson picked out her own outfit again, and looked cute as ever.

Today was our bi-monthly unit lunch, and the chosen restaurant was Pedro’s for some delicious Mexican. I got a chicken fajita quesadilla with rice and beans, and ate every single bite of this. (But barely scratched the surface of that entire tub of sour cream they brought.)

My friend Shanka ordered this amazing (non-alcoholic) mango-nada. I‘ve had one before from a food truck and it was so good and sweet and spicy and unique.

Addie Pie had a good day at school, but did actually have a little injury incident… She was riding on one of the little scooter cars, ran into a brick wall, and her head flung forward and hit the brick wall too. (You can only barely see it in the picture at the picnic table below, but she had a giant square band-aid on her forehead, for the cut she got.)

Jeff picked up Jimmy John’s for all of us after work, and we ate really quickly before Emmie went to kids choir, and I went to praise team rehearsal, and Jeff & Addie ran back home because we forgot diapers.

After church, we got the girls into their jammies, and got the band-aid off Addie’s forehead, it was a little bit traumatic, but the cut isn’t actually too bad, so she’ll certainly be fine.

I read for about an hour and a half last night, but only made it about 50 pages. It’s small font and close-set-type, and big pages, so it’s kinda slow-going so far. I’ll try to read a little bit more tonight, but it’s late already, so who knows, I might fall asleep sooner rather than later…

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