Iron Flame

Emmie is getting pretty good at picking out cute outfits these days, like this one for a PE day. Addie slept in her brace, but then let me take it off when we got to school. And in this first photo, she’s showing us her little “meal bar” snack, which is an oatmeal bar that she’s obsessed with.

Love how beautiful and blue this girls eyes are!

You guys. If you’ve read any sort of fantasy book this year, or are on the BookTok side of TikTok, you’ve probably heard of “Fourth Wing,” which came out earlier this year and was mega popular and super viral. Today, the highly anticipated sequel, “Iron Flame” was released. I actually forgot I pre-ordered the hardback on Amazon, until I got my expected delivery email this morning, and was so surprised and excited! It was on the steps when we got home, and of course I had to open it up right away.

So last night, I made a really yummy homemade one-pot creamy chicken & orzo dish; then tonight, I just heated up hot dogs in a skillet, and nuked a can of Great Value chili. And this was still yummy too!

These little girls ate the hot dogs and fries really well, and Addie even needed a second helping of French fries.

Jeff got stuck at work a little late, then had to run by FedEx and CVS, so it was almost 7:30 by the time he got home. But the girls were entertained watching the “Tangled” tv series on Disney+, so I started reading the first few pages of my book. And as you can see, Addie still stayed very close by to Mommy while I was reading.

Digging ice cubes out of my empty drink cup from dinner…

Reading a book before bedtime. And in case you’re wondering why she had a small blanket chip-clipped to her bed frame… I’m wondering the same thing!? I’ve asked her about it, but she just giggles and doesn’t really answer. So who knows?!

Bedtime went so quick and easy for both girls tonight, thank goodness. And now that I’m finishing up with this post, I’ll be reading and listening and snacking on my bowl of kettle corn we got at the fair the other night. During the day today, I was actually one of the first to get a copy of the audio book through the library on Libby as well, so I think I’ll listen while I read, and then switch back and forth as needed. It’s over 600 pages, so having both of these versions will help me get through it a little quicker.

Looking forward to some good reading time tonight!

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