Creamy Chicken & Orzo

Sweet, happy little girls this morning. Emerson actually picked out her whole outfit (dress, sweater, shoes, hair clip), and I loved it. And Addison went all day at school without her arm brace, and did great.

I actually took Addison to her 2.5-year-old well check-up doctor’s appointment this morning before school drop-off. She’s a whopping 21.5 lbs, which puts her in the 2nd percentile. Teeny-tiny like her big sister! She’s way ahead in all gross & fine motor skills and speech, and very healthy and happy. She also got her flu shot this morning, so that made her sad, but hopefully she won’t get sick this winter.

I made a DIY buffalo chicken & blue cheese salad for lunch today, and although I wasn’t too excited about it right before-hand, it actually turned out delicious and I ate the whole thing.

And after eating my giant salad, I painted my fingernails with a color named “Hayley,” so although it’s not spelled “right,” my nails are my own name 🙂

And then I had hot chai tea and the chai sugar cookies I made yesterday for today’s afternoon snack, which was great together, obviously.

I picked up Megan from her office after work for our carpool arrangement, and we listened to the Charlie Adelson verdict being read live, while she literally cheered for prosecutor Georgia Cappleman, who Meg’s a little obsessed with 😉 We were glad and relieved to hear he was convicted!

Tonight for dinner, I made a TikTok recipe and it was sooo good! I added a whole diced onion in mine too, because I can’t make a recipe without an onion. Plus more garlic. He used pork, but said chicken would be fine, so I used chicken because that’s just our preference. I know it kinda just looks like a bowl of brown-ish mush, but there’s so much flavor, and it’s so creamy and delicious. Let me know if you try this, and if your family likes it!

Addie actually really super loved the dinner tonight too, and ate so well, which is kind of rare for her. She usually loves to just wander around and we have to trick her into eating bites. But tonight, she finished her first bowl, we got her a second helping, and then she finished that too!

Then these goofy girls were being so cute and silly together, and trumpeting from both ends of the same straw, giggling so much they were falling over.

But before and after all the good-eating and the straw-giggling, they were both having some mood swings and major whining. Time-change-week is always rough for littles, and tonight was no exception. They did have a bit of a rough evening, but bedtime actually went really smooth, and both girls were so tired, that they were asleep in no time flat.

I washed up some dishes earlier while dinner was simmering on the stove, so the dishes that are left in the sink after dinner can just wait until tomorrow. I’m done for today!

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