Chai Sugar Cookies

Happy Sunday from these adorable punkin’s! We’ve had a great Sunday today.

Amazing service in church today, with incredible worship as always, and a great sermon from Pastor Brian of course too.

Today was “bring your own chair day” for GC Kids, and it was my idea for her to bring her little sister’s scooty-chair. And Emerson actually won the award for “smallest chair!”

At my parents’ churches trunk-or-treat last week, they were giving out free kids meal tickets for Moe’s. So we used those for lunch after church today. I ate one of the kids meals actually, and the girls shared one, and so we only had to pay for Jeff’s one meal (he got nachos, and we all ended up eating some of those actually), so today really felt like a bargain. Plus it was really yummy, and we were just all feeling chill and silly.

I got to rock this sweet baby to sleep for her nap time, and she was just so warm and snuggly and good grief she’s cute!

Emmie also took a little nap, and I painted my toenails while she slept. But she was awake after about an hour, so we did a little baking project. We made chai sugar cookies (Taylor’s version), but took the easy way out with a bag of sugar cookie mix, rather than doing everything from scratch.

And then while the cookies were in the oven, I unboxed my new 1989 (Taylor’s Version) vinyl and cd, which finally came in the mail, about a week late!

I made a fun little TikTok of the whole afternoon, and Emerson even helped me do some of the videography. But unfortunately I can’t get it to upload into my post correctly, and my IT support went to bed early. So I’ll share it on Facebook, and have to add it in this post tomorrow maybe…

We went to dinner at church and connect groups tonight after cookies & nap time. I just didn’t take any pics there (I almost never do on connect group nights), but we had a good night chatting with friends on our ice cream outing to DQ. Everyone was very tired when we got home, so bedtime went quickly and easily, for both girls, and for Jeff 😉 So now that I’m finishing up here, I’ve got some dishes to wash, and then I’ll find myself a good movie to watch for a bit before my own bedtime.

Edited the next day to add the TikTok video, after my hubby showed me the correct way to “encode” it…



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