Fun at the Fair

We have had a very fun, very busy day! Everything kinda happened without much planning, and it felt like a very spontaneous day (especially since we skipped Addie’s nap time!), but we had so much fun! After breakfast at home, we started the day at the Tallahassee Museum, running around to see all the animals.

The first Saturday of every month, Bank of America cardholders get in for free, we just had to pay for Emerson, but $10 was worth it for all the fun the girls had. Nana actually works for Merrill Lynch, which is owned by BoA, so she reminded us about this, since we haven’t done it in a while, but I also use BoA, so it works out great.

Then after the museum, we decided to go to the fair! We got lunch as soon as we got there, and all of us shared all of this food, but it was too much and we couldn’t finish it.

Then we took the girls back to the kids area, and let Emmie ride all the rides. Poor baby Addie was too tiny to actually ride much, but we found the little train she could ride with an adult, and eventually all of us rode the carousel and the ferris wheel together, and she loved those.

Jeff took this photo of me taking the selfie above of me & Emmie, pretty funny and cute.

I was actually a little scared on the first rotation of the ferris wheel, but by the second time I felt a little more comfortable. This was only the kids sized one in the kids area, so I think I would have been way too freaked out on the even bigger one on the other side of the fairgrounds.

One our second family carousel ride, we went up on the second story, but that actually made me feel nauseous up there, standing sideways while I was holding Addie, so I had sit down on the bench and let Jeff hold Addie on the horse, while I stared at the floor…

Then it was time for more snacks of course! Ice cream, iced coffee, corn on the cob, and a funnel cake, oh my!

Addie usually naps at school every day from noon till 2:30pm, and roughly the same on the weekends at home. But today, we were at the museum from 10:30-noon, then straight to the fair, and we didn’t leave there until about 4:15, and Addie was running full tilt the whole time. Then I took this picture at exactly 4:16pm, and she didn’t stir the whole way home.

We all had some quiet movie-rest-time on the couch when we got home, watching a calm movie, getting some “feet off the floor time,” and time to just chill. Then surprisingly, even after all the fair food, we were hungry for dinner, so we headed to Chile & Chili’s taco truck and over-ordered this amazingly delicious feast.

You can tell Daddy was exhausted from our day (we got in our 10K steps for the day!), but our blue-eyed beauties were still energetic and wiggly and sweet as always.

We got the girls straight into the bath when we got home, then into some clean jammies. Jeff cuddled up with them for a bit of movie time while I got in the shower, and then we watched one episode of Bluey, and the girls were more than ready for sleep at that point. They went to bed and were asleep very easily and quickly tonight, and you know Jeff and I are gonna be passed out soon too!

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