Newspaper & Noodles

Today was one of those days where I was very productive and got dinner taken care of before I was even dressed for the day! I got all of this prepped and into the pot for crock pot beef strogonoff. (I later realized I forgot the dash of worchestershire, so that annoyed me.)

And today Addie was finally in the mood to take good pictures with her sister before school!

For lunch today, Megan picked me up from my office, and we went to meet our Mama at Hopkins for lunch. It had been months since all three of us got together (since way back before mom’s surgery a few months back), so it was so nice to get together like this again! She also brought me this article she found (and she read!) about Taylor Swift in the Wall Street Journal, so that I could read it too. And she was also like, “I think I might wanna try listening to her music.” So you know I started sending her links to some of mine and Emmie’s favorite songs!

Papa went and picked up Emerson after gymnastics today, and then got Addie from daycare when we went there to meet up. We rarely ever see Papa on a random Thursday, so that was a fun treat!

Emmie was jumping off the curb trying to touch the limbs and leaves, and Addie tried to copy her. (She tries to copy literally everything big sister does.) But of course she was too little to reach, so Emmie tried picking her up to reach, but that only got her up a few extra inches, and she still couldn’t reach. But it was very, very cute.

Got the sour cream mixed into the crock pot as soon as we got home, and got the egg noodles boiled, and microwaved some cheesy veggies (which were kinda blah), and then everything was ready.

Emmie was actually too full to eat very much, after a giant cinnamon bun at school for a friends birthday, AND an ice cream cone with Papa. So she ate about 3 bites and was full. And Jeff absolutely loved it and scarfed it down, by the time I had eaten only half of mine. But little Addie Pie loved it so much, she ate all of hers, and then I had to scoop some off of my plate onto hers so she could have seconds.

Then after dinner, we took a quick thrift trip to Goodwill, to look for some pieces to make some costumes for a fun birthday party that Jeff and I going to tomorrow night.

We just started on bedtime straight away once we got home, and both our sleepy girls were very whiny and very ready to go to bed actually. Now, I’ve got some dishes to wash, and some crafting to do, for part of my costume, so I’ve gotta get working on that!

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