New Coffee Pot

Addie was actually a little grumpy at first for pictures, but then Uncle Bo made her laugh, and she was so happy then!

One picture of Addie Pie at school today…

And a few pics of Emmie enjoying her day with Nana! They even found her little gymnastic bestie at Urban Air, and they got to play together for a while.

Then after work, we all went over to Nana & PopPop’s house for his birthday dinner (which was actually yesterday), and Nana had made the most delicious homemade mac & cheese, along with the green beans and pulled pork.

Addie was running wild in the little pretend kitchen, and dumping out all the blanket baskets, and Emmie and I were playing Go Fish with Nana.

Nana sent us home with the leftover mac & cheese, and some cute sweaters she got for the girls today, plus a new-to-us coffee pot. Ours wouldn’t brew this morning (the light was on, but it just, didn’t brew; and this was not the first time), so we mentioned this at dinner tonight, and then next thing I know, Jeff is standing in their kitchen holding this one from their countertop, and they were emptying the water reservoir and wrapping up the carafe.

They’ve actually had this for a couple of years, but apparently Dave hadn’t even used it in a few months, and Nita doesn’t even drink coffee, so they gifted it to us. (I love me a good hand-me-down.) So helpful and generous, and now we don’t have to buy ourselves a new one!

I will definitely be making a cup of hot tea later tonight with that little one-cup dispenser thing on the side, now that Jeff has gotten it all set up for us. The girls are in bed now (they were both very sweet and very sleepy and easy to got down tonight), and I had an absolutely crazy day at work. So I’m more than ready to cozy up on the couch and just chill out for a bit…

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