Making Angel Biscuits

I only had one tiny girl to drop-off at school this morning, but she was very sweet. The other bigger girl went to spend the day with her Grandmommie.

Would you just look at this gigantic blue eyes!! I can’t handle those eye!

Making very significant progress in “Iron Flame,” and eating Thai leftovers for lunch. Yum.

Emerson helped Grandmommie make Ambrosia salad, and her famous angel biscuits. (They’re literally my favorite thing, just about ever.) And it looks like she “helped” Papa do some yard work today too.

Tonight is the only night this whole week I have to cook at home, due to Thanksgiving and extra family dinners on both ends of the week. So we kept it super simple, with these two bags of frozen foods. I turned my nuggets into a chicken Caesar wrap, Jeff and the girls had side salads, and I also gave the girls some carrots and grapes. Very easy, very yummy.

Then after dinner, I baked a pan of bacon, and put together an overnight breakfast casserole for tomorrow morning, since Jeff and I are off work. My coworker actually gave me this cream of bacon soup, because it’s apparently hard to find, and the back of the can suggested this recipe, so that sounded like a good option to try it out!

And of course my sweet little helper climbed up and asked what she could do to help.

We watched the first dance of the Taylor Swift episode of “Dancing with the Stars,” and then switched over to Bluey. And by the time Emmie and I headed back to her room, Addie was almost completely asleep already with Daddy.

After just a short, two-day work week, we now have a nice long five-day holiday Thanksgiving weekend, with lots of time with family and yummy food and time spent enjoying time off at home!

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