Nurse Emerson

After seeing this dress hanging up in the bathroom for the last three or so weeks, as a potty prize from Miss Jessica, she finally got to wear it today, since she finally went pee on the potty at home this past weekend! And not only is it adorable, but Emerson loved it too! On the drive to school, she asked, “I’m a ballerina now?! There’s a tutu here!”




Meg & Bo brought the triplets to school a little later today (a little closer to school breakfast time), so we didn’t actually see them this morning, and we missed them!



After trying out this little contraption last weekend to make hard-boiled eggs for egg salad, I tried out the omelette tray for breakfast today. It was super easy, and really yummy! I actually had to cook it twice (it was wayyyy too runny after just one go-round), but it came out perfectly after the second time.




And then on my morning break, since one cup of coffee wasn’t enough caffeine, I made up a glass of vanilla spiced chai tea with this concentrate I got last week at Trader Joe’s. And it was sooooo gooood. Definitely looking forward to a few more glasses from this bottle, which was less than $3.




Little Miss had a good day at school (her best friend twins were back today after vacation and she was thrilled!), and she even took a two-hour nap!

Last night’s leftovers were still super yummy at lunch time today.

We stopped by Publix on our way home for lemons & bread, and my tiny helper was a very big helper as usual.

She was very into the bread, and I’ve never been more proud of her love for carbs 😆

For dinner, I made Italian garlic butter shrimp over noodles, with Caesar salad and fresh toasted bread, and it was all soooo good. Emerson ate a ton of it, and Jeff even went back for seconds!

Even Emerson loved it! I started her out with only three shrimp (just in case) but she asked for more and more, and ended up eating at least 10 shrimp and plenty of noodles.

After dinner, we had a quick visit in the driveway from some church friends, Emerson’s Sunday school teacher Ms. Shirley and her husband (one of our choir buddies) Mr. Bert. After learning about Emerson’s upcoming surgery, Ms. Shirley (who is a life-long preschool teacher), came up with a few gifts and ideas to help us prepare Emerson for her time in the hospital. One of the things was this sweet little pediatric nurse dress-up costume, that we went ahead and gave her tonight. She loved it, and was so sweet taking care of her new baby.

She had just a little bit of cooking and cleaning she needed to take care of before bedtime, then she grabbed a peanut butter cracker to snack on while I read her bedtime book.

Emerson was actually very clumsy, and very sensitive tonight, and she kept having all these tiny accidents and getting really upset about it. I would have guessed she was maybe just super tired, but we know she had a long nap today. So maybe she was just having a sensitive little girl day. Which is totally understandable! We all have those days. But she was still sweet and easy enough to get down for bedtime, without too much mess or fuss.

In addition to the sweet little gifts that Emerson’s Sunday school teacher dropped off, we also got two sweet cards in the mail with gift cards and cash, and a friend of ours sent us a gift in Venmo the other day as well, all just to help make our time in Jacksonville a little bit easier while we’re away from home and having to buy so many meals. We’re really feeling lots of love lately, from so many friends and family, and I can’t tell you how much it means to us.

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