Food in a Bowl

For the second morning in a row, Emerson woke up with a completely dry diaper, and went straight to the toilet to go pee-pee! I am still so excited every time she goes, and still so proud of her!


We got to school just a few minutes before the Walker clan, so we took a few photos of Emmie, and then helped unload the triplets from the van.










When Emerson noticed they all had their backpacks, but hers was still in her classroom, she freaked out and got upset. Uncle Bo gave her Ellie’s to carry instead, but she was already too worked up by that point… And when the babies got inside, they realized where they were and they started freaking out, and it was just a drama filled drop-off for all four of them. Luckily it didn’t last long, and everyone was soon happily eating breakfast & reading books!



On my lunch break, after I finished eating, I listened to a podcast from The Lazy Genius about “Food in a Bowl” and literally took notes. It’s a three-episode series, and I’m anxious to listen to the next two episodes as well.


And since the episode was only 24 minutes long, I used the rest of my lunch break to wash last nights dishes and some empty Tupperware’s from leftovers, and still got to read for about 10-15 minutes.


The afternoon’s storm was really dark and dreary, and I had to turn on all the lights in my dining room.  Usually it’s bright enough from all those front windows, that I don’t even turn on any lights!


Apparently, the baby girls need some loves on the playground this afternoon, so even though Emerson has now graduated to the bigger playground, she got to go back over to the little one, so she could hug on her triplets!





When I picked her up, I had to bring all sorts of things that she had requested – a water bottle, a snack, her giant unicorn we just recently name Cloud Bubbles, a tiny bear named Honey, and my tinier penguin named Pocket. This girl is very particular.


So after listening to the “food in a bowl” podcast episode, in which Kendra challenges us to make one dinner bowl this week, coincidentally, I had already planned to try a new-to-me recipe from my favorite food blogger, for Thai Basil Chicken Bowls.


The recipe called for Thai red peppers, but Walmart didn’t have any. So I got a red bell pepper for color and pepper-ness, and used a couple teaspoons of this for a bit of a kick, that I already had in my fridge, that I use in my coconut ramen I always make.


And it was soooo good! There was so much flavor it in, like whoa.



I wasn’t sure if Emerson would like it though, so I had heated up some of last night’s leftovers, but she wanted to try a bite of mine, and she loved it! I kept feeding her tons of bites, and she ended up eating quite a lot of it. She even specifically asked for more broccoli!


She did a little bit of piano playing, then we got ready for bath time.




She wanted to pick out her own jammies tonight, so she peeked in the drawer and chose this hand-me-down top with Mrs. Potts & Chip on it, but it didn’t come with matching pants, so we just decided to make a whole mis-matched outfit from hair to toes. And she was very pleased with herself for her choices.


We turned the dinosaur lamp on in her room again during the bedtime routine, and she asked me to hold her like a baby so she could stare at the ceiling while I sang “Baby Mine.” And then she proceeded to sing pretty much the entire song with me, in her tiny little off-key voice, only getting about half of the words right, and mumbling along the rest of the time. Ugh! It was THE cutest, sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. You know I cried a little bit, especially when she reached up and touched my face and said, “I love you.”

She “wasn’t tired,” and “didn’t need to go to sleep,” but after a few false alarms of “I need to potty,” she finally settled in and went right to sleep. Jeff and I have picked back up with our Marvel movie viewing marathon, and we’re about half-way into the first Avengers movie right now. Lighting the candle and settling in on the couch for some movie-rest time!

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