Emmie Takes the Triplets to School!

OK first of all, Emerson woke up with a dry diaper today, and went straight to pee on the potty with Daddy! Hooray!! (We’re going to continue night-time diapers for a while, because 10 hours is still a loooooong time to hold it for a little girl.)

Today was the first official day of a new school year at Growing Room. Emerson started in a new class for three-year-olds, with a new teacher, Ms. Nicole. She looked beautiful in this fancy dress, even with the goofy faces!




But the very big exciting news of the day, is the triplets started at Growing Room today, for their very first day of school! (Also, my blog title reminds me of the title of a kids’ book or something, which I think is really cute.) Megan and I not only coordinated arrival times so we could all be there together, but also outfits so that Emmie’s outfit wouldn’t clash with “her babies.” Emerson was VERY excited to have them there, and VERY proud to help out by holding hands and walking them inside.


From L to R: Ellie, Emerson, Kensley & Riley.


Riley’s face in the photo below was my absolute favorite, and she reminds me a tiny roaring dinosaur (in a cute way) with that mouth and those funny hand movements.



Look at all the baby ducklings, walking in a row, with all their little “pack packs!”




Ellie was a little uncertain when they started walking down the hall, but Kensley & Riley went with Emerson, and just marched off to class! Emmie even helped drop them off at their class, before Ms. Renee took her to her new room.


And judging from this one photo we got of her today, she seems to have settled right in to her new class with her new teacher!


Work was decent today, only mildly busy, but decently productive. My girl was very excited when I picked her up, but very sad she didn’t get to see the baby girls again, since they were picked up before her. I told her she’d see them again tomorrow morning at drop-off, and so that helped calm her down.

On the car right home, we were listening to “the 1” by Taylor Swift, and Emerson asked, “Why are they tossing panties in the pool?” I literally guffawed in response.  I tried to explain it said “pennies” not “panties,” but she was still confused, and no matter what I said, her response was always still, “WHY?” So eventually we just had to drop it and move on…

For dinner I made a delicious Creamy Sausage & Tortellini Bake, with Caesar salad and garlic bread. We took Emmie’s dress off so it wouldn’t be in danger of having sauce dropped on it, so she ate dinner wearing only her unders.



Jeff actually got stuck working a little late, so he ate dinner on the couch, while Emmie, Pretzel and I curled up there with him, watching some Blippi videos together before Emmie’s bed time.


And my girl pooped in the potty again before bedtime, and I rejoiced!



It was thundering a lot right at bedtime, so we told her she could keep her dino lamp on during the night, if she promised to actually go to sleep. We told her dinosaurs are strong and brave, and they would protect her and she could be strong and brave too. She told me I wasn’t allowed to ever leave her room, and that I could just sleep in the floor in “her little spot” (which is what we call the corner of the room with the tiny circle rug and the tiny little pillow), but I told her that would not be comfortable for Mommy all night long.

She was very sad and pitiful for me to leave, since she was still scared of the thunder, but we talked about how the thunder can’t hurt us and she was safe at home in our house. And I promised I’d watch out for her on the baby camera, and check on her if she needed me. But she ended up falling asleep almost right away, so that was good.


I got everything all cleaned up in the kitchen, and lit my new candle, and I’m ready to settle in for some rest and relaxation.


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