Homemade Smoothies

Blog post for Monday, May 31.)

Since we were at Nana and PopPop’s house a little late last night, it was super late by the time we got Emerson in bed, and give Addison her bottle, and I was way too tired to write. So here’s the post for Memorial Day 2021!

Sweet little early morning snuggles 🥰

And Big Sissy helping change Little Sissy’s diaper, and she always loves to put lotion on her little feet and legs.

Made some egg sandwiches for breakfast, and Emerson helped me make some egg salad for lunch for later too…

Family walk while the weather was nice and a little cooler than usual, followed by popsicles and playtime in the carport to cool down. Dessert before lunch!

And then I made smoothies and sandwiches for lunch! I rarely makes smoothies at home, but a recipe blog I follow on Facebook just happened to share a smoothie recipe last week that looked delicious, and I just had to try it. It’s supposed to be a green smoothie with spinach, but Walmart was out of spinach, so it didn’t get put in my grocery order this week, but it was still really good without it!

However my lack of smoothie-making experience got me, because the recipe said to use frozen banana, and I had put the whole banana, peel and all, in the freezer the night before, which made it impossible to peel. So I ended up having to basically carve the banana with a pairing knife, in order to get the peel off 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣 It worked well enough, but it was definitely messy and not super easy.

But the smoothies turned out delicious! Jeff had a turkey sandwich, I had a tuna sandwich, and Emerson had her favorite egg salad.

I got Emerson down for nap time after lunch, and after some snuggles, Addison finally fell asleep as well. I took a shower while Jeff mowed the yard, and then I sat down with my Kindle, and an iced coffee in Jeff’s cute Star wars Tumbler. I actually ended up finishing the book, and cried through the last little bit of it.

And then we went over to Jeff’s parents house for memorial Day dinner. Emerson played in her tiny pool on the back porch, and Nana made ribs and homemade mac and cheese. And we got our first picture of the four of us, and I love it so much!

She loved her new bathing suit from Grammy, and just check out this first pose!

Emerson put on her nightgown after dinner, and wanted to ride her tricycle around the back porch. Then we made a super quick run to Old Navy with Nana, because she had seen they were having a big Memorial Day sale. We were actually looking for dresses for me, but it turns out it was a little girl dresses that were on sale, not the grown up dresses. But we still got a few clothes for each of the girls, and a jacket for Emerson for next winter that was on super clearance!

We went back to their house and had some dessert while watching Jeopardy, and then finally headed home a little bit later than usual.

(We always take Pretzel with us when we go to their house, because they adopted his brother on the same day we got Pretzel, and they always love to see each other.)

By the time we got home, it was already way past Emerson’s usual bedtime, but she actually did really well and things went smooth. We fed Addison a bottle after getting Emerson down, and then by that point it was almost 10:00 p.m. and I was way too tired to blog after our fun, but busy day.

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