Banana Pudding

Since I can’t drive for a while post-C-Section, Jeff is doing all of the school drop-off’s and pick-up’s. For whatever reason, Emerson has always had tougher drop-off’s with daddy, being much more clingy to him. He’s not able to get photos easily (and she’s usually upset already by the time they get there), so I took them at home today before they left, and she was adorable!

I was so mad when I realized this next photo was blurry, because it would have been a great photo!

After the left, I began my first “alone” day of maternity leave. Technically, Jeff is still with us because he’s still WFH, but he spends the majority of his day on the phone “supporting his users” with IT help, so we really don’t see him leave the front room very often. Luckily though, Addison was still an absolute angel baby today, and we had a great day together!

He did get to join us for his lunch break, and as soon as he was finished eating, he spent the rest of his lunch hour snuggling the tiniest girl.

Looks like my big girl bad a good day at school – she napped well and cleaned her plate at breakfast and lunch, and practiced coloring inside the lines on her “J” for the letter of the week. (And look closely, because you can see she really did a good job with that!)

At the end of the day, Jeff picked up emmie, and Grammy and Grandmommie came over for a quick visit, and to bring us a home-cooked meal for dinner!

This one rice grain was stuck to her face for an entire minute, and it was cracking me up.

Jeff and I have been taking turns eating first versus holding Addie after her bottle (like last night, I held her while he ate first, and tonight we switched), but Emmie needed Jeff to bring Addison closer so she could check on her.

Grandmommie also brought us homemade banana pudding for dessert. I told Emerson that, and she was like, “Do you eat it on bread?” I laughed and responded, “No, you eat it on a plate!” She said, “Oh ok, do you eat it with your fingers?” I laughed again and said, “No silly, it’s pudding, you eat it with a spoon, pudding!” I just thought those two questions were so funny 😁

We did some more girl time sister snuggles on the couch after dinner, with Emmie being so sweet and caring with her baby sister.

Emerson had a pretty decent bedtime, dispite the fact she called us back to her room twice for nonsense reasons like, “This blanket is too big.” (The same blanket she’s been using for months, now, it was just the only nonsense thinn she could come up with…)

And then, for literally no reason at all, the post-partum tears came on out of nowhere. I quietly cried for about 15 minutes while Jeff bottle-fed Addison and I pumped (a whopping 10mL total, because my milk still hasn’t come in yet…), and couldn’t really pinpoint why I started crying or what caused it. I know it’s just the flood of hormones and the typical “baby blues,” and I was fine after just a bit. I’m not looking for sympathy or anything, I just want to be transparent here because motherhood isn’t always easy and I don’t want to portray it that way (despite the fact that’s exactly what most of my blog does). Tears just always come “easily” for me, and even more so right now, obviously!

Gonna try to get a little “nap” in real quick before the dead of the night, because last night I only got about 2-3 hours of sleep through the night, because Addie tends to require some extra attention in the wee hours of the morning. She’s cute and sweet and I love her so much, but dang newborns are exhausting!

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