Sister Snuggles

Five days post-partum, and I’m feeling almost back to my normal self again. Last night, I posted a little update on Facebook,and realized I missed writing and blogging. So I’m gonna wade back in with a quick little entry for today. Not sure if I’ll get back to daily posts, but maybe so, we’ll see. I will for sure write up Addie’s birth story soon, once I feel like digging into that.

Emmie was super cute in her princess dress this morning, with her fun little hair-do she wanted.

Then Daddy, Addison and I had a super chill, easy-going day at home. And no, I’m not even being sarcastic. This little girl is such an easy little angel-babe, and she makes newborn life relatively easy. Or as easy as it can be.

We had a little video call with Aunt Meggie, because Ellie kept saying, “See Addie, hold Addie, hug Addie,” so of course they had to call to see her!

Emmie had a great day at school, and took a nice, long, two-hour nap.

Jeff picked her up from school, while I took my second nap of the day. The triplets called back again to see Addie and Emmie, and Jeff gave Addison a bottle, while Emerson got herself a Go-Gurt from the fridge.

My Mama had brought over some baked ziti the other night, so we heated that up for dinner tonight. Emerson learned how to butter her own piece of bread, and she was very proud of herself for that.

Addie slept through dinner, and then kept on sleeping through bedtime stories. Emmie wanted to hold her one more time though, so I snuggled them up together on the couch, and almost died from the sweetness.

Jeff is currently taking a little pre-night-time-nap, because Miss Priss likes to keep us up during the night. Today was actually his last day off with us for a while, and he’ll have to get back to work tomorrow. Luckily though, he’s still WFH, so he’ll just be up in the front room, and can get some snuggles occasionally and help me out if I’m in an absolute meltdown or something.

It’s just about time to pump again, and then I’ll feed the baby girl another bottle. Once I get her back to sleep, I’ll go to sleep myself, to nap before the night shift begins!

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