Addison’s Nursery & Final Appointments

Today, Megan and I specifically worked out to be at school for drop-off at the same time, and all the girls had a great time together first thing this morning.

Meg wanted one more photo pre-baby, so even though it was early and neither of us had makeup on, I’m still so thankful for a sister who loves me so much and is so excited for my next baby girl!

needed the exact same thing for breakfast again today, and it was just as delicious the second day in a row.

And now I can finally show off Addison’s beautiful purple nursery! With Emerson, we had a specific “mermaid” theme. But for Addison, I just wanted purple and flowers with some greens and greenery. So, a little more vague, but it turned out beautiful, and I love every aspect of it!

The “baby” boxes with balloons are leftover from my baby shower a few weeks ago, and we decided to keep them until they shrivel up and don’t look good anymore, but for now, they’re adorable!

Look at this amazing stash of diapers and wipes, mostly from all my great coworkers!

The purple framed “baby” sign used to be in my very own nursery when I was a baby, and my Mama saved it all these years!

My sister painted the beautiful “Addison Laurel” sign, and it makes me so happy.

The purple unicorn was picked out by Emerson specifically for Baby sister, and the beautiful purple baby blanket was handmade by my sweet Grandmommie.

After breakfast and nursery photos and a bit of Netflix, I spent a little time cleaning up all the random little things that get ignored in the “quick” clean-up, so that I could have things as neat and tidy as possible for our return from the hospital in a few days… And our last chore was installing the infant car seat/carrier, which Jeff did tonight, so everything is all ready to go now!

This afternoon, I had my last two doctor’s appointments with both my high risk doctor and my regular OB doctor, plus the ultrasound and the non-stress test. Everything went really good (and much quicker and smoother than last time when I was there for three hours), and it got me really excited for tomorrow!

I also picked up my new, free breast pump today, and travelled around with my own snacks and glucometer as always 😉

Tater Tot had a good day at school, and even got to visit her old teacher Miss Jessica in her class for a little while. When I got there, Emmie had just brought her a book to read, so she sat and listened to the book first, before she even came over to me!

After my appointments, I got to pick Emerson up a little bit early, and we hung out reading a book in the car in the parking lot at Outback. We were waiting to meet Daddy, Nana and PopPop for a bit of a celebratory dinner, combining for Jeff’s upcoming birthday with the celebration for Addison’s arrival.

Jeff ordered a piece of cheesecake with raspberry sauce for his birthday dessert, and I had one incredible bite of it. I wanted to just destroy the whole piece, and felt really super jealous that as a pregnant lady I couldn’t just eat the stinking cheesecake on my final night before baby comes, and was frustrated with my gestational diabetes. But I got over myself and thanked the Lord for keeping us both safe thus far, regardless of my restrictions.

Anyways, Jeff’s parents followed us home so they could pick up Pretzel, since he’ll be staying at their house while we’re in the hospital. Emmie took a super quick bath after they left, then we cuddled and read her bedtime story on the couch together.

I got super emotional loving her and tucking her into bed tonight, thinking about how this was her last night as our only little one. These past 3 years and 10 months have been such a sweet time with her, and it’s such a bittersweet feeling now that it’s ending and changing. I’m so excited to meet Addison that I can hardly stand it, but I’m still sad for this phase of life with Emmie to end too. I cried and kept asking for more hugs and kisses, and tried to explain to Emmie that it was a mix of happy and sad tears and that I was just overwhelmed with love. She got excited and started squealing about becoming a big sister tomorrow, and that made me excited again too, and she had a really good bedtime.

I can’t eat or drink anything after midnight tonight. Blah. I’m already dreading skipping breakfast & morning snack tomorrow… I will take Emmie to school like usual, come home to shower and dress and pack up the car, and then we check-in at the Women’s Pavilion at 10am, with my repeat C-section scheduled for 12:30pm. So please, please be praying with us at that time tomorrow! (Click here for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 – if you’re interested in Emerson’s dramatic and complicated birth story.)

This will be my last blog post for about or week, more or less (just depending on when I feel like getting back to it), so I’ll be taking some time off from writing. I will of course still share photos and announcements on Facebook in the next few days though!

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