First Day of Maternity Leave

Today officially began my maternity leave, so we got to sleep a little bit later, and head to school a little bit later. She was looking absolutely adorable in this new outfit I got from Target, and I’m obsessed with this little skort!

Then as we were heading into the main entrance, I heard a tiny voice calling, “Emmie! Emmie! Emmie!” And I looked over and Kensley was barreling down the sidewalk towards us. I hadn’t even thought about the fact that we would get there at the same time as them today, but I’m so glad it worked out! Obviously, all the little girls were very excited to see each other as well.

I headed back home after dropping off Emerson, and made myself a delicious breakfast – I’d been planning this exact meal for like, three days, and it did not disappoint.

And I am now officially 37 weeks pregnant, and she is coming THIS WEEK! Baby Girl Addison is the size of Swiss chard, says the app, not that I actually know how big a bunch of Swiss chard is, but we’ll just go with it… There are a few things my app says that still need more time to develop over the next few weeks (like liver, lungs, eyes, and ears), so that makes me a little nervous since she’s definitely not going to get that time to finish growing. I asked the high risk doctor about the chances of Baby needing to go to NICU, and although he said the chances are relatively low and it probably wouldn’t be for long if so, but it still makes me a little anxious going into my scheduled C-section, three weeks early. So please pray for these things with us!

I treated myself to a pedicure this morning, along with matching color on my nails, and it was so nice and relaxing. I tried out an almost brand new place near our house, and it was bright and pretty and clean and quiet, and I really enjoyed myself. I even picked up lunch for myself at Vale Food Co next door before heading home. I wish I could have gotten a smoothie or an acai bowl, but too much sugar. But this kale, turkey meatball & sautéed mushroom bowl was still surprisingly tasty, and not as expensive as I thought this fancy health food would be.

I was full at the time when I finished my lunch, and hung out watching some of our favorite YouTubers with hubby on his WFH lunch break. I then fell asleep and napped for about an hour and a half (which was glorious), and then woke up completely starving. So I fixed myself a little charcuterie plate, and practically had an entire second lunch mid-afternoon, and all of it was delicious.

Little Miss had a good day at school – she ate good meals and took a good snack, and got to play on the playground a couple of times.

I folded a couple loads of laundry while watching Netflix, and packed my hospital bag, and then headed out to pick Emerson up from school a little earlier than usual. And once again, we just happened to be doing pick-up at the same time as the triplets, so Emerson was very helpful buckling them into their car seats. The girls kept trying to demand Emerson to sit down too – I guess they thought she was gonna ride off in the van with them!

When we got home, Emerson dressed up like a doctor and we packed up her Baby Yoda suitcase, to get ready for her to stay at Grammy and Papa’s house while we’re in the hospital for the C-section.

I had already decided I wasn’t cooking dinner either tonight or tomorrow, but I was really craving those tacos again from last night, and Jeff and Emmie both agreed to return to the Taqueria for the second night in a row. First, we had to check out this tiny park and pond right next door, and Emmie wanted to walk around the whole thing. We promised we could in the future, just not tonight. But she enjoyed checking it out!


And then we were right back at Taqueria Miranda again. The girl suggested this strawberry banana juice drink for Emmie when we ordered, and of course she totally loved it. I got the same exact al pastor tacos, and Emmie had another cheese quesadilla. Jeff had tacos last night, but got nachos tonight, and he said they were definitely his favorite.

She was a little pouty during dinner though, and needed some special loves, and to sit in Daddy’s lap for a little bit to help cheer her up.

Jeff and Emmie ran into Home Depot for some Oxi-Clean and a new security camera for Addison’s room on the way home, and I just waited in the car, but I picked up this happy little driver when they were all finished.

we put the final, finishing touches on Addison’s room tonight, and then Emmie helped sweep up a little bit again. I plan to take pretty photos during the day tomorrow, and I’m so excited to share, because it turned out so beautiful!

My friend Ashlee stopped by for a few minutes to drop off the most precious little handmade outfit for Addison, from a friend of hers who has a baby clothes business. She stayed and chatted for a little bit, and it was nice to have a short little visit on a weeknight, and we got to show off the nursery, which she loved too.

Emmie got super worked up and energized and was running around like crazy showing off while Ashlee was here, and then had a bit of a hard time winding down for bed. Between Jeff and I though, we tag-teamed and got her calmed down, and she just went to bed a little bit later than usual.

I have one more day of rest and relaxation tomorrow, but I also have my final doctor’s appointments in the afternoon, so I’m hoping those go quick and smooth and all checks out perfectly!


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