Snowballs & Strolling

Jeff and I did our shifts with Addison last night, and then he let me go back to sleep for another hour this morning from 7-8am. When I woke up again, I made us all egg sammies for breakfast, and someone stole the last few sips of my iced coffee đŸ˜‰

And then by 9:30am, that same someone thought she needed a popsicle for a snack…

And then she dressed herself today! One of her teachers from school, Ms. Julia, gave her this outfit before her open-heart surgery last year, but it was too big. It was still a tiny bit too big today, but it was adorable, and she loved it!

But then she immediately put on another layer, so she could be the animal doctor to an injured unicorn… Which turned into doing a quick exam on Addison too.


Bright eyed and bushy tailed for a while this morning!

And then half-smiling during her afternoon nap

After all of us were up and moving after our mid-day nap time, we went out for our first family outing since Baby Sister was born. We treated ourselves to yummies from Big Easy Snowballs, and took a casual, leisurely stroll around the lake. The weather was absolutely perfect, and Emerson was just over the moon with the whole situation. It was the perfect afternoon outing for our little family!




And this little angel baby just slept in her stroller the entire time, like a perfect little newborn! And please don’t miss those little toes peeking out the edge of the blanket.

Once we got home, we were changing Addie’s diaper, and Emerson helped me rub some lotion on her little arms and legs, since they’ve started doing that newborn peeling thing now. She was so sweet and gentle, and I just can’t get enough of watching her learn to be a big sister.

We picked up some pizza on the way home, and decided to eat outside on the back patio again, since we wanted more of the beautiful weather.

After dinner, and after Emmie ran around the backyard for a little while longer, I fed Addison a bottle and Jeff got Emerson in the bathtub. She picked a bedtime book and a bedtime snack, and we did the usual bedtime routine on the couch – book, lullaby, prayers, and “Jesus Loves Me.”

Bedtime went pretty smooth tonight, maybe because she was exhausted from our afternoon outing. This morning started out super chill and lazy, and then the afternoon was so lovely, and it really was a great day! This was our first full day together with all four of us, and it all went really well! Feeling so blessed this evening, and so thankful for my little family and my precious little girls!

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