Weight Check

Jeff and I took shifts on baby duty last night, with me sleeping first and taking the super early feeding at 3:30am. Addison didn’t want to sleep too much after that, so I was awake most of the morning until Emmie woke up around 6:30, we got her ready for school, and then I finally napped a little bit from about 7:30-8:30.

But Emmie woke up super sweet, and was giving sweet loves to Baby Sister, and Addie just snoozed through all of it!

While Emmie was cuddling with me on the couch this morning, she announced, “I’m not going to cry today, I’m going to go into class with a smile on my face.” And Jeff said she did just that, and had a really great drop-off today!


One of my favorite breakfasts is fried eggs over medium, or egg-in-the-hole with a slightly runny center, but when you’re pregnant, you can’t eat “undercooked” eggs. So I was very excited to make myself this delicious avocado toast with a runny egg for breakfast today, and I even put it on a real plate instead of just a paper plate! 😉

And my little breakfast buddy just slept through the whole event!

And then had a bottle of milk herself, and sucked dry the entire two ounces. (When it was almost empty, she had put her little hand up under the bottle and looked like she was propping it up herself, and I just thought it was cute.)

We had a quick weight check-up at the pediatricians office today to make sure she was gaining enough weight. She was 6lbs 4oz at birth, dropped to 5lbs 15oz before we were discharged, and was 6lbs .05oz on Monday. But today, she has gained five ounces in just four days, and is now back up over her birth weight, by one ounce, at 6lbs 5 oz! So she’s clearly doing really well with eating, and everything else was looking really good too! We also got a chance to just chat with our friend Abby, who is also our pediatrician, and that was really great too. (She doesn’t work Monday’s, so we didn’t see her earlier this week, but we were so glad we got to see her today!)


This outfit she’s wearing today is one of Emerson’s old outfits, that even as “newborn” size is still super huge on Addie, and just falls right off of her.

After Emmie’s great drop-off this morning, she had a really good day at school – good nap, ate all her meals, and enjoyed “Free Play Friday” with all her friends!

Jeff picked her up from school, and she barely even came inside to hug me and kiss Addie on the head before running back out to scoot around the carport for a while. (She was just riding in the front seat for Jeff to back out of the carport into the driveway.)

One of our sweet friends from church, Emily, brought us Sonny’s for dinner tonight, and we decided to eat on the back patio, since the weather was so perfect. Jeff went out to wipe it all down, and sweet little Emmie was so excited to go help him. And it was so super nice to eat outside, even Addison loved it out there!

She looks so thoughtful here, with her chin resting on her hands and looking around at everything.

This girl was very proud of her red Powerade mustache.

Addie had a bottle after dinner (but fell asleep on Daddy’s shoulder before she even finished it), and we did a video call with Aunt Meggie. Then Emmie got ready for bed, and picked out a nighttime book to read. I also read a few of these adorably sweet prayers from a cute book Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Keith got for us.

On our way home from the doctor’s office today, we were craving some ice cream or a sweet treat of some sort, but decided to wait until tomorrow so we could take Emmie with us. We decided to go to Big Easy Snowballs and take the stroller for a walk around Lake Ella in the afternoon. So we used that adventure as bribery for Emmie’s bedtime, saying if she was good, we’d go someplace for a family walk and get a yummy treat while we were there. And I think it worked, because tonight was definitely way better than last night.

We’ve got a little time before it’s time to feed the tiny baby girl again, and then after that we’ll probably split the night into shifts again, so we can each get at least a few hours of uninterrupted sleep during the night…

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