Sister Day

Happy little Emmie, loving on her baby sister before heading off to school!

And then Jeff & Meg and Bo got to school at the same time, the girls were all happy to see each other, and Emerson had a great drop-off! And we unintentionally matched them all in pink today.

And Aunt Meggie came to do her work-from-home day at our house, so she could get some baby snuggles throughout the day! (And I have so many pics of Meggie and Addie, because she kept saying, “Come here and take our picture!” haha 🙂 ) It was really great to have her here with us all day, and definitely the longest her and I have spent together (especially just the two of us), in a really long time! We had a great sister day!

Another one of Emerson’s old newborn outfits, that swallows her whole it’s so big on her.

We took a lunch-time adventure to Walmart for kids’ sunscreen (for all four “big” girls) and swim diapers (for the triplets), and I got a candle for me and a dress for Emmie.

I had to steal my own baby away so I could finally get some loves for myself. 😉 And while I may not have done my makeup, I did shower and fix my hair, and I was feeling so fresh and clean, and this little beauty was so bright-eyed and alert!

And so of course when Meg heard me say how awake she was, she came running over like, “Well take my picture too while her eyes are open!”

Gave her the paci to calm her down, and she somehow stuck her little thumb in the hole, and just held it there like that.

So one of Emmie’s old teachers (and really probably her very favorite), Ms. Q, sent us some things in the mail for the girls. She sent these absolutely adorable outfits for Addison (my favorite is the avocado one, and I’m dying over it), plus a car seat cover, and even a new toy for Emerson!

I got a little time to read this afternoon, while Addison slept on Meg’s chest, and she sent emails from her laptop.

And then I got some more snuggles from my girl myself. I love the little rolls on those tiny arms!

Emmie had a good day at school, working on the number of the week, 37, practiced “L” words, slept an hour and a half, and ate all of her meals! Plus, dressed up like Superman!

And this is Emerson’s new toy from Ms. Q – a doctor’s kit! She’s been very into Doc McStuffin’s lately, so this was perfect for her, and she got into it and started playing immediately.


We had leftover pot roast, potatoes and carrots that Aunt Q and Uncle Keith (which was just as delicious re-heated as it was fresh the other night), and Emmie cleaned her entire plate. (She also had a little leftover mac-n-cheese from another meal.)

She splashed around in the bathtub for 15-20 minutes, and I read in the bathroom next to her. She loves getting super crazy hair from towel-drying it, and always wants me to take a picture and then show it to her.

We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for just a few minutes, while she ate some fancy chocolate-covered popcorn that Grammy had given her from Peterbrooke. But you guys – these bright blue eyes absolutely kill me!!!

She put up a little bit of her usual shenanigans tonight, but it wasn’t too bad, and certainly not the worst. Addison is actually a little unsettled tonight, so Jeff is feeding her a bottle right now, and then hopefully we can get her to calm down and rest and sleep once her little belly is full of warm milk.


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