Cousin Crew (Triplets Meet Addison)

Emerson and I shared a bagel for breakfast this morning, bright and early, while we let Daddy sleep in a little, since he took the longer/later shift overnight with Addison.

And Addison of course was sleeping through the morning like a perfect little angel babe.

Emmie colored a little bit in the new special glitter book from her Sunday school teacher, Ms. Shanon…

And then the family came over! Grammy, Papa and Grandmommie got there first for a few minutes of snuggles…

And then Megan, Bo and the triplets came for the triplets to meet Addison for the first time! They’ve seen tons of pictures of her, and we’ve done lots of video calls already. They’ve been SO excited to meet her and hold her and hug her, and are constantly saying, “I hold Addie, I hug Addie.” And then this morning, they woke up saying “I so ‘cited! I so ‘cited!”

And look at all the cute excitement below! It took about 15 minute to wrangle them all onto the couch, and calm them down enough to place Addie in the midst of the squeals and wiggles, but it was so precious once we got it (mostly) under control!

Kensley Hope…

Riley Lynn…

Ellie Grace…

And how cute are these “Cousin Crew” t-shirts that Grammy got for all five girls?! I love the shirts, and the font, and the color, and all five girls just looked so great in them!

They loved loving on Baby Addison, but they also loved playing with all of Emerson’s toys. As you can imagine, four little toddler girls made a giant mess in both her room and the living room, but they had a blast, so I didn’t mind the tornado that came though 😉

After a bit, we went out into the backyard and stayed out there for a good long while, and it was so glorious! In the shade, it felt perfect, and the wind was blowing and the sun was shining, and it was so great to get some fresh air. Bo held Addison and just laid back in the grass, and I think even she enjoyed the fresh air!

Ellie came and was talking to me, then laid down in the grass like this and just said, “Cheese!” Even though I wasn’t holding my phone or taking a picture, she just sat there waiting until I did take a photo!

They headed out a little bit before lunch, so we had lunch ourselves, got Emmie down for a nap, fed Addison a bottle, and then Jeff and I both took naps as well.

Emmie snuggled me once she woke up, and we watched a “little girl movie” together while I held Addie.

Once Jeff woke up, he worked with Emmie on cleaning up her room, while I washed dishes and cleaned up the kitchen a little bit. I eventually took over the room cleaning project, and Jeff fed Addie, and we got Emmie’s room looking much better than before. I also laid out her clothes for church tomorrow, and every day next week for school as well.

And then Uncle Keith and Aunt Suzanne came over. They brought us a delicious pot roast dinner (with potatoes, carrots, greens beans and rolls), and stayed to play and hang out for a little while too. I couldn’t convince them to eat with us (even though there was clearly enough; they just wanted us to have plenty of leftovers), but they did stay and sit with us because Emmie didn’t want them to leave.

They also brought tiny cupcakes, so after they headed on home for the night, Emmie ate two of them for her “bassert” before bedtime.

We read a bedtime story on the couch together, and then got her ready for bed and sleepy-time.

She did well at bedtime, and didn’t put up too much of her usual fight. I just finished giving Addison another bottle and Jeff is holding her now while I write this post. Today has been a great day with our family, and I’m so glad the triplets finally got to come over and meet Addison!

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