Puddle Jumper

When Emerson heard the pouring rain outside first thing this morning, she decided she obviously needed to wear her rain boots today, regardless of the fact that if it was in fact raining, then she would not go outside during the school day. But she’s a very strong-willed girl, so we just roll with her choices sometimes!

Her report this week had lots of fun information today, and today’s said, “Today we collaged the color Hot Pink!💕 I had so much fun learning about insects, the number 30, and the color Hot Pink! And I learned some new words, beginning with the letter “E”.”


I had another OB ultrasound today (I now actually have two a week; one with the high risk doctor and one with my regular OB), to check things like fluid, movement, and “practice breathing.” Not that I really know what I’m looking at here in this photo, but supposedly all those little tiny arrow/hands are point to a bunch of hair on the back of her head!

Jeff and the boys picked up Emmie a little early today, and they got some icees for an afternoon snack, and then headed over to Nana’s house for the evening. I headed over when I got off work, and we had a taco bar for dinner (taco salad for me, sans chips or shells), and we just hung out for a while after dinner.

Emmie had an Easter Peep for dessert, and then stole my ginger ale and drank a ton of it.

She had to wrap up her baby dino’s in her jammie-shirt so they wouldn’t get wet, but then she went and splashed around in the puddles for a bit before getting in the car.

She had a snack and plenty of super cold water and we read a story from her Precious Moments bedtime storybook. She then got herself all cuddled up and cozy in her bed with her dinosaurs, and clearly plenty of other stuffy’s too. (She always has at least like 10-15 all around the perimeter of the bed.)

Last night, Jeff fell asleep early, and I gave myself my insulin shot for the first time. It went fine, but I was definitely nervous and slow and awkward, but I did it! I guess maybe I’ll try again tonight, and see if I can get more comfortable with it if I can do it myself more often.

Jeff will be driving the boys back to their mom tomorrow, but they did a bunch of stuff around the house today (like moving some furniture between their old room/the new nursery, up to the front room, which is their new room), and I’m really glad they were able to get that done today. The living room, kitchen, hallway, and dining room all look like a minor tornado ripped through the place (the boys always manage to just make the place a wreck), so my Mama is coming over to help me get things back in order tomorrow morning, and I’m already grateful to her for that!

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