School Pals

We got to do drop-off with the baby girls this morning, and everyone was so sweet and happy and excited…until we got to their classrooms at least 😉

Also, Emmie put more stamps on her arms this morning while I was getting ready, and when I saw her I said, “Oh, Daddy let you do some more stamps, huh?” And she just kinda whispered, “No, Daddy was asleep.” 🙂 Also, so wore some new (hand-me-down) biker shorts under her short dress today, and she loved them, and she looked adorable in them.


Emmie was sad at drop-off, but shortly after, we received a photo of her playing and smiling and happy! And this photo of her with the little chef’s hat just kills me!

Jeff and his mom took the boys to Urban Air for some fun adventure times this afternoon. Then Jeff and the boys picked up Emmie from school just a tiny bit early. They were out on the playground when they got there, so Jeff snapped these photos of her with her besties, and I love them all so much, I couldn’t even narrow them down!  (I mean, her and Andrew look like their on a date, so they need to chill out with that, but it’s still so stinking adorable!) These little school pals are the cutest!

And just look at all these bouncy little curls!

They had gotten an icee at Urban Air and shared some with Emmie on the way home, and she was in ice cold sugar heaven.

Nita & Jeff ended up taking the boys out to lunch today, so we used last night’s leftover pork to make BBQ sammies (well, no bread for me) for the fam, since they didn’t end up eating it at lunch. Some corn and greens beans rounded out the meal, and it was yummy. Emerson ate an entire sandwich, her entire corn, and some green beans. And then ate a slider-size sandwich on a Hawaiian roll. The girl went crazy! And all three boys ate two sammies and two baby corns.

She colored all over the walls with her special bath-time crayons for a while, and I sat on the (closed) toilet and read while she entertained herself.

She wanted another Gogurt, but they were all gone – I did however find her a cinnamon applesauce pouch, and she accepted that. She was all excited like, “I love cinnamon & apples!” And then after her first taste, she was like, “WOW! This is yummy!”

Jeff fell asleep in the recliner super early tonight, at like 7:30pm, and then went to bed around 8:30pm. We hadn’t yet done my insulin shot before he went to sleep though, so it looks like I’ll have to do it myself for the first time tonight. So here’s hoping it goes well, and I can be a big girl tonight!

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