Spring Florals

I love this new, cute little spring floral dress Emmie wore today, especially with her jean jacket with it. She’s just the cutest thing ever!

We had a good drop-off, and then it looks like she had a good day at school! When I picked her up a couple of days ago, her teacher asked her to name one thing that started with an “E.” She thought about it for a few seconds, and then said, “elephant!” Miss Shan said, “Yes, and you know at least one other thing, and she said, “Emerson starts with E!”

She got herself all settled in her brothers big giant air-chair when we got home, with her ice water and her Kindle, and a couple of her tiny dinos. She just looked so cute and tiny in their big chair!

This morning I had put two whole pork loins in the crock-pot (it takes a lot of food to feed a family of five, when two of them are teenage boys!), so then I just steamed some broccoli and made brown rice, and dinner was ready! Once again, everyone cleaned their plates, and it was super simple. (Also, please notice all the stamps up and down her little arms, from stamps she found in her Easter bucket from church.)

And we actually had plenty of leftovers, so we can all have some more pulled pork tomorrow – theirs will be as sammiches with BBQ sauce, and I’ll just eat mine “regular.”

We had some more outside backyard playtime again after dinner, and Little Miss had SO much fun running around and playing with her big brothers.

She started twirling around like crazy, and was purposefully spinning as much as she could until she would make herself fall down in the grass. Then she was staring up at the sky and said, “I’m looking at the sky and I see Jesus!”

Playtime was followed by more Gogurt and diet cranberry juice, and another bedtime story from the Precious Moments book.

She was a little cantankerous at bedtime tonight, and put up a fight about silly things, like deciding at the last minute she needed to change into mismatch jammies (that was a no-go), and that of course she wasn’t tired and didn’t need to go to sleep. Jeff stayed in there in her room with her just holding her hand for a little while so she could calm down, and then she was okay.

The boys will wash the dishes for me again tonight (or maybe during the day tomorrow), so now we’re going to get started on the next Marvel movie in our marathon, “Avengers: Infinity War.” Going to take my blood sugar and grab my protein shake, then try to get comfy on the couch for movie-rest time.


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