Bedtime Stories

My girl was in a great mood this morning, and we had a super great, very easy drop-off. Her and I were both wearing olive green today, and when Meg sent us photos of the triplets, they were wearing olive green today too!


They were coming in from the playground when I got there, and Emmie had the special privilege of being the line-leader, after she had been very good today.

For dinner tonight, I made shrimp stir fry over brown rice, topped with some sesame seeds, and it turned out really good. (Plus, since I measured out all my servings of rice & veggies exactly, it was still less than half of my dinner-carb-budget.) Everyone cleaned our bowls, and Emerson had seconds on shrimp.

She told me she was stinky on the way home (and girlfriend was right), so I said, “It’s a good thing tonight is bath night!” She very thoroughly washed herself with her new unicorn loofa from her Easter basket, and was proud of herself for doing it all on her own.

Even after a big dinner, she still needed her nightly snack, and of course chose a gogurt, which she’s been very into the last few days.

When cleaning up a couple of weeks ago, I found a box of books from my childhood that hadn’t ever been unpacked. One of them was this Precious Moments bedtime stories book that I specifically remember loving when Megan and I loved when we were little. I read Emmie the first one tonight, and she loved it too. Can’t wait to read this to both my girls as they grow up!

She also needed a little bit of something to drink before bedtime, but was cold and needed to wrap up in her little bathrobe. (The hood was tucked up inside it, giving her a bit of a hunchback/shoulder situation…) But she was so sweet and precious drinking her diet cranberry juice while I read her bedtime story.


She was good at bedtime, and didn’t cause too much stress or strife or hoopla. Jeff already gave me my insulin shot for the night (I’m still not ready to try it myself), but my diabetes nurse upped my dose a tiny bit again today, because my fasting levels are still too high. Literally all of my post-meal readings are perfectly fine, but my body doesn’t seem to know how to handle the overnight sugars, so we’re still working on that, trying to figure out just the right amount on insulin I need.

The boys are currently washing up all the dishes and pots and pans from dinner tonight, and then we’re going to finish watching “Ant Man and the Wasp,” which we started a couple of nights ago, and still have about 45 minutes left.

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